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Pre-Paris to Ancaster Cyclocross Clinic with Focus CX Team and the iWill Helmet Awareness Cycling Team’s Aaron Schooler

Hey everyone!  It’s getting close to that time again.  Paris to Ancaster is always one of my very favourite events to attend.  Especially when I get to see all the avid participants so eager to bust out the bikes early in the year with the hopes that the trails will be ridable and all the snow will be gone.  This year will be slightly different with the later date of the event, but it doesn’t mean a skills clinic still isn’t a good idea to warm everyone up for it.  The clinic will be very much the same as last year but here are the details:

When: 23 April 2016   @   12:00 noon.   For those who just want to join on the pre-ride, I think we will leave for the ride around 1pm, but be there sooner in case our skills session wraps up early.

Where:  At the Ancaster Community Centre where you have to pick up your race package. We will corral behind the building (in the direction of the finish line).  We will meet near the building, then head over to the finish line area to work on the skills.

Who:  Anyone who is registered in the event and wants to join is able to attend for free!

What:  I, Aaron Schooler, will run everyone through some short ‘need-to-know’ cyclocross skills followed by an hour long ride to recon the last few km’s of the course which are the most exciting parts.  It will be an easy paced ride, so those who wish to join will not be left behind.  Don’t worry, it won’t be that taxing on the legs for the next day.

Why:  Because cyclocross season was a long time ago and regardless of if you raced it or not, everyone needs to practice these skills before the big event, even me!

How:  Show up with your bike, ready legs, and a willingness to have your mind blown and learn a few things about this glorious event!

See you all there!

Photo Credit: Jeremy Allen

Photo Credit: Jeremy Allen


Older posts…

The first annual Catalyst Kinetics Cyclocross Clinic was a big hit!

We had almost 30 people show up for the clinic which featured Geoff Kabush, Andrew Pinfold, Leah Guloien, and myself.  The day started off with a bit of chit chat in the pain cave

Catalyst CX Clinic 1

and ended up out at the park with some hands on fun! Unfortunately Leah wasn’t able to attend from an injury sustained the day before, so Denise Ramsden did her best by subbing in.  Once out at the park we split into 3 groups focusing on Shouldering, Run-Ups, Off Camber and Cornering, Mounts, Dismounts, Barriers, and much more.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to cover everything, but valuable CX lessons were learned!

Riders practicing their mass starts under Geoff Kabush's tutelage.

Riders practicing their mass starts under Geoff Kabush’s tutelage.

Lots of money was raised for the Devo Team and I can’t wait until next year’s clinic!


School of Cross teams up with sponsor Catalyst Kinetics to bring you the best cyclocross clinic alive on November 24th.  Join me along with Olympian Geoff Kabush, Andrew Pinfold, and Leah Guloien to touch up on your cyclocross skills and learn from the best in final preparation for the National Championships in South Surrey BC the weekend later.  What if your not racing National Championships?  Come anyway and learn about this incredibly awesome sport, how to look good doing it, and how to be as smooth as Kabush himself.  Cost is by donation to Team dEVo youth cycling ($10 minimum).    See the link below for more details.

13 Apr 2013  –  Paris to Ancaster Clinic and Pre-Ride

This year for 2013, I’ll be running a School of Cross Cyclocross Clinic free to all those who are registered for the Paris to Ancaster Event.  This Clinic and Pre-Ride will take place at the Ancaster Community Centre where the sign on and finish party is and we will meet at 4pm behind the building.  Bring whatever bike you will be riding the race on, and you will get tips from seasoned cyclocross veteran riding for Norco Bicycles-Sri Importing, Aaron Schooler.  We will then head out and pre-ride the last and most crucial 10 km’s of the course.

Hope to see you all there!

  1. aaron, will you be holding another school of cross in vancouver this year?

  2. Dan Gronross says:

    Aaron, I know that someone asked about 2012, but will you be in BC this year to do a clinic out here?


    • Dan, I would love to do something again in Vancouver, but likely won’t be until September as there should be more interest at that time. I will post here when I’ve got my cross season schedule planned out. I should know sometime in the summer.

      • Dan Gronross says:

        Hey Bud, any news on the clinic? Now that Super Week is done and road season is pretty much over in my books at least. Any ideas of your schedule in regards to the clinic?


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