About me

A little bit about myself…

The same summer I started working at a real job after graduating from college, I started racing bikes.  I came into it a little later than most at 21 with my previous summers being taken over by the military.  I was a Combat Engineer with the Canadian Army Reserves for 9 years and it took me to some great places, and met some really great people along the way.  I have spent 5 ish years working for Jacobs Canada Inc., an engineering consulting firm in Edmonton, designing piping systems and pump stations for oil pipelines.

After a couple years learning the ropes and jumping through the categories with the Edmonton Road and Track Club in Edmonton I managed to ride for Team H&R BLOCK.  With this team I’ve really had some great ups and downs along the way racing road in the summer and switching over to cyclocross in the fall/winter on Norco Bicycles.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to help some of the guys go onto bigger and better things with a few of them signing pro contracts and moving onto the domestic scene as well as the team itself stepping up to the UCI Continental level in 2015.

With cyclocross being my strongest discipline of cycling, the last couple years of racing have taken me to Europe along with my wonderful wife Emily Lynes who has continued her career in academia in Germany!  For the last year I’ve been living in Tübingen, Germany where I focus on cyclocross and have been racing for the Focus CX Team with team manager Roman Jördens.  I am balancing a mix of road racing and MTB racing in the summer in support of the iWill Helmet awareness campaign for a new team, the iWill Helmet Awareness Cycling Team.  Check out more at: iWill Helmet Awareness Cycling Team.

A few highlighted Career results:

6 Time Canadian Cyclocross National Team Member

6 Time Podium Finisher Canadian National Cyclocross Championships

6 Time Alberta Provincial Cyclocross Championships

2010/2011 – 1st Banff Bike Fest Crit

2012 – 1st Banff Bike Fest GC

2015 – 36th World Cyclocross Championships

  1. Roger clemens says:

    I just figured out how to view your website, it is very cool ! I signed up for the Birkie yesterday and saw your name on the list, good luck ! Have you been doing much skiing ?

  2. Bob Lof says:


    Bob here; read your story on Hoogerheide today. Great effort and although maybe not the result you hoped for remember that only 60 of the worlds best riders compete over there. To actually start the race is a remarkable achievement. Hope you are enjoying yourself over there.
    Bought your TT-bike through Kris so you name will show up at races in Alberta coming year. Let me know what your e-mail address is; I will keep you informed on Lars and Niels!


  3. adam says:

    Hey your wife told me to contact you, new to the Stuttgart area need some help, learning the scene and such. Talk soon. I sent her a message with all my contact info.

  4. Olli says:

    As discussed at King’s head. Please send me your e-mail and I will be happy to forward to or HR

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