Trans Alp Schooler Style

Posted: 4 July 2015 in Uncategorized

When I told my buddy Uli I wanted to do something memorable in Europe before my time in Germany was up, he came up with the idea of riding across the Alps on the MTB. Sounded cool to me! The idea was 6 days, as light as possible, staying for as cheap as possible, and getting in as many jaw dropping sites and trails as possible. Oberstdorf, Germany to Riva del Garda, Italy.   

Seemed simple enough. I really don’t know what I was expecting it to be like, but so far, I’m gonna need a shovel to scrap my jaw up off the floor at the end of the trip. I am blown away by the types of trails we have ridden on. First day was a bit hard with the first pass requiring some hike a bike sections and a couple via Ferrara mounted sections which can still be done without gear and obviously if you are careful, can be done with a bike :).   

 After that we hit the first pass of the trip, followed by my first taste of Alpen MTB downhill terrain. Just super knarly rocks jutting out hiking trails which some crazy MTBers decide to do if they are stupid enough. Took me a while to feel comfortable on the descents, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. On the next climb we ended up getting covered in cow dung as we rode through a massive group of cows and yaks being herded to the next grazing area up this crazy gravel steep switchback climb I guess… 

Soon after that we finished the remainder of the massive climb to Heilbronner Hütte. It was pretty relieving to see that hut!!!
Day 2:

Distance on day 2 was told to be not too bad. So we took our time and were the last to leave the hut in the morning. On tap was a massive downhill to start the day into Ischgl before heading straight up the valley en route to Fimberpass, the only pass of the day. Then it was supposed to be an easy downhill into town, but it ended up being much knarlier than we thought. It first started with some rocks… 

Then came some bridges… 


Then some more bridges… 

 Then we finally made it to the bottom only to find out it was super hilly terrain into the final town of Scuol. Only to find a super cool pump track outback of the hostel we were booked into. As if we didn’t have enough technical practice today… 

 Germany, Austria, Switzerland, tomorrow Livigno Italy!!!

  1. Kiffy and Denny says:

    Whow, that is so cool. I envy you. Have fun Aaron.

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