P2A’ing through the hoards of enthusiasts.

Posted: 7 May 2015 in Uncategorized

This year’s P2A for me was definitely a first.  The first year since I started coming to Paris to Ancaster that I never got the chance to ride in the lead group (aside from the first 2km’s of course).  As it sounds, I had a really great start.  In terms of not actually feeling like concrete I mean.  It’s also the first year at P2A for that.  Alas the cycling gods had other plans.  I managed to get a flat on the first 2km’s of the pothole infested gravel roads.  It was a bit intense as always, but I was definitely in the top 5 when we headed onto the rail trail for the first time only to realize my worst fears were now coming true.  My rear tubular was going flat.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Allen

Photo Credit: Jeremy Allen

So I figured it was best to stop as early as possible before the hole got any worse, or I put any more holes in my tubulars.  I took out the Pit Stop sealant and tried my best to put it into the valve but the damn thing didn’t seem to want to work on me.  So I took it off, immediately like a noob the head came off and sprayed much valued sealant everywhere, slammed the cap back on, tried to use it again back on the valve before giving up and going straight for the CO2.  Slammed the CO2 in there, found the leak, held it at the bottom and thankfully last year before this race I put some sealant in the tires as a preventative measure so I guess it held for the time being.  Fingers crossed it holds to the end… a whole 68km’s away…

So off to the races, through the masses, woops don’t run into anyone…  I had a few close calls in that first 30 mins of chasing, a few friendly cyclist recommendations for safety reasons, and off I was hopping from group to group.  I chatted later with a buddy who I passed but only after I got to the turnoff of the rail trail who assumed that I was back in about 200th spot when I got going again.  I know most of these riders are just out there for fun, but I sure was going to make good use of this high intensity training day.  As I picked up group after group, sometimes I’d sit there a bit because the group was going at a similar if not faster speed than I could do solo (this was usually on the roads) before I’d lead into the woods or a slower section and jump ahead to the next group.  I came through so many groups I got to ride with almost everyone in the first 100 at least which did include a lot of my really good cycling friends.  So all in all, the day of suffering was well worth it and super fun.

Photo Credit: Canadian Cyclist

Photo Credit: Canadian Cyclist

I started to tail off a bit towards the end and a bigger group behind me ended up almost catching me with Peter Glassford coming out of it to hold me off to the line.  It was really cool racing it this year, not only because I felt so good and rode well, but because I got to spend the coolest CX point to point race suffering with some of my good friends.  All in all, can’t complain.  And after the week in California with friends and the Focus USA crew, I was a happy tired dude.  Only to have to sit on a plane for double digit hours to get home to Germany.  I like taking breaks from racing trips, I get to screw my head on right!!!!

Photo Credit: Canadian Cyclist

Photo Credit: Canadian Cyclist

Next up: Täler Cup Action with the iWill Pro Cycling Team in the Black Forest with a couple Hill Climbs the next 2 weekends!


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