Sea Otter? California? BICYCLES!!!

Posted: 24 April 2015 in Uncategorized

When I was arranging the season’s early spring logistics, I always book the spring to work around the Paris 2 Ancaster bike race which is this weekend.  But, this year, the logistics worked out quite well for me to be able to attend Sea Otter the weekend before it on route to Ontario.  It has been a pretty interesting prep to the new season with some bad weather stints coming to Germany along with a lot of hassle and stress setting up the new iWillProCycling Team.  Anyways, now things are settled with that, so the trip was pretty relaxing.  I even got to fly on the only double decker plane in existance (the Airbus A380).  It wasn’t all that eventful, but the trip did seem to go quickly.

I was able to hang out with some friends Jeff, Cara, and their newish addition Dale for the week which was pretty fun, and the first time that I was actually able to spend some time with them aside from coming in, racing then leaving!  I also got to meet up with a new sponsor that I’ve been testing their brakes which is now called, REVER.  I met up with the product manager and received a fresh new set of production ready brakes to go on the CX race rig in prep for Sea Otter racing.  Thanks to Hoffman for being the local who showed me the cool routes around their place and doing some rides with me while I was there.



It wasn’t long before I met up with the FocusUSA crew to head up to Monterey.  I’ve been to Sea Otter before, but never as part of an organization before, so the Focus guys really made me feel like I was at home within their organization.  Sea Otter was really good for me to head to because I was able to finally meet up with a lot of the sponsors that I had contacted to set up the iWillProCycling Team as well as other personal sponsors that I’ve worked with before.


The icing on the cake was the fun CX race that I got to do on Saturday.  I’m always amazed with how many people end up sticking around for the late race even though the show basically wraps up at 5 and we don’t start racing until 6.  Like every year SeaOtter racing is more for fun and sponsors than it is for the actual racing.  I did the race there a few years back when they first ran the CX race, but this year the course was a bit shorter, sandier and more fun than it was in the past allowing spectators the ability to see riders coming by more frequently.  Due to some unforseen troubles at the start (what’s new) and my non-choice of my start position, I had a pretty bad start, and it took me a few laps to actually work my way up to the lead group.  By this time I wasn’t feeling super good but tried to stay in good positioning, until the last lap came when the speed was cranked up once again and I was quickly relegated to the back of the group.  The legs weren’t cooperating with me, and I really haven’t been doing any sprinting work on the bike yet, so I was pretty happy with the ride I did for 8th.

Photo Courtesy Wil Matthews

Photo Courtesy Wil Matthews

I got to do a pretty cool ride on the coast with Allen Krughoff from the Noosa Pro CX Team which was way more fun than a solo training ride!


A massive thanks goes out to the whole FocusUSA crew for helping me out all week and letting me fly like a bird for the little ‘big’ event!  I look forward to working with them come CX season in North America for the first couple World Cups!!!


Next up:  Flight back home and straight onto the MTB for the Täler Cup racing!


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