Deutschland, Deutschland, the return, and the reset!

Posted: 12 December 2014 in Uncategorized

Because the Milton Keynes World Cup wasn’t running a U23 and Junior race, the team decided last week was a great time to head to some warmer weather, so we flew out for over a week to Mallorca.  It’s at times like this that I feel like a full fledged pro.  I’ve had some motivational troubles at home in the last while, so it was really great to get out of the house and get back to putting some good miles on the bike.

Typical small town in Mallorca

Typical small town in Mallorca

The weather was really nice when we first got there, but quickly turned to raining and about 15 deg’s.  I got a pretty good week of riding in with the crew and banged out some pretty hard core intervals with Felix.  It was really cool not only to get some good riding in, but to be out of the house and off grid with no internet, no phone, and only focusing on cycling, eating, and sleeping.

The team in serious training mode.

The team in serious training mode.

Once we arrived back home, it was straight into a double header of Deutschland Cup races.  First one was in Queidersbach near where Felix lives, so it was kinda like a home race for him.  Very MTB’y course with some good elevation gain (for a cx course, wich is still not a lot) and some good slick corners, plus a really cool massive fly over.  The organizers did a pretty good job of running this one as they are hoping to get the German National champs in the near future.

Saint Salvador, view from the top

Saint Salvador, view from the top

Once again, because I have so few Deutschland Cup points, I was basically starting on the back row.  Lucky for me, it was a really physically demanding course and I was ready for the challenge.  I worked my way up as much as I could, and was running very similar lap times to the leaders after I finally worked my way through the riffraff.  With maybe 3 laps to go I hit one of the downhill sections which were super choppy, and ended up feeling my bars slip a bit down which left me a bit awkward on the bike for the last few laps but because I was SO close to the podium at this race, I decided not to pit and instead do EVERYTHING in my power to try and chase the podium.  I came within almost 10 seconds on the last lap, but it wasn’t meant to be, I had to settle for 4th.  It wasn’t all that bad though, Felix took home the win on Saturday and Sunday!

Rollin out!

Rollin out!

Sunday was another DL Cup race in Bensheim and the course was very typical CX with lots of off cambre, barriers, and lots of short up and downs.  I finally got a better call up which put me on the second row, but I still had a really bad start, so I ended up in the usual position of chasing through guys I am normally a bit faster than.  I really just started getting warmed up in this one and after about 3 laps, when running the fairly tall barriers, I clipped my foot on the last one, it spun me around, and I landed with a smack right on the back of my head, hitting my helmet hard on the ground and breaking it.  I decided to finish the race would have been a bad idea at the time, so I called it quits, and DNF’d.  It’s rare that I walk away from races without giving it EVERYTHING I have to finish, but after hitting your head, there are some pretty important steps that need to happen in my opinion.  One of them being to take it easy and ensure that you don’t have a concussion.  Regardless, it’s never good to finish a race when you don’t know how bad a head injury is, always best to air on the side of caution.

Felix and I at the house.

Felix and I at the house.

Next up, The Last EKZ Tour race in Switzerland this weekend in Eschenbach!

  1. Rob says:

    And I remember the days when you where dominating the Alberta cross scene. I remember the day you came to teach me some basic cross skills and we realized support was needed. I remember the afternoon you spent with Sheldon ( and myself… You ran late as Emily was expecting you home but you insisted on trying to sort out our lack of mount / dismount skills. We sucked badly. The Alberta boys mention your name with shear amazement but you have grown. To them you seem like a “God”, but too me it is what we have worked for and this only a few will understand. After committing funds to you the first season I was very so-so, but we both believed. I have seen you land on your ass, slide out in corners, finish last (ok… third last), go through the pits in the wrong direction then get disqualified, pick the wrong tires, run the wrong pressures, and screw up what should be dead simple. I saw you near Stuttgart and you pulled off a bad day but you made it look easy and finishing so far back we could not count (Tony has pictures) but we were amazed. What the Alberta boys do not understand is your sacrifices, , your patiences in yourself, your support and more importantly your determination. You are not a “God” … you just Aaron Schooler… maybe gifted, maybe lucky, maybe none of the above… What an amazing growth!!!… I am proud!!!

    First side note: to the Alberta guys… you need to believe and be creative in how you ride your bike. You may call BS but if one can, all can. You need to believe! If I can, all of you can. If we got 2 riders to the 2015 worlds and UCI events we can get more. It will make our mid week races and sanctioned races faster. I believe it will, I have supported the boys and I struggle to finish 3rd last in my races… ok… second last on poor day.

    Second side note: Aaron is the old man on his Focus team. Yup, 29 and most of his team is less than 23 years old. Some of Aaron’s team mates are national champions and continental pros ( on the road). I am in awe of talking to them, Aaron jets by them on his cross bike and makes no fuss of it. I wonder how he does this. It is about believing!

    As the third side note: I have stopped my life to see you and Mark ” Hot Sauce” race the worlds in late January. I am very amazed at both of you. Good luck!

  2. 2nd Avenue says:

    Motivation can be such a challenge! And it often seems like the harder you chase motivation, the further away it gets :/

    Happy to hear that Majorica was a reset – and I hope to hear that this weekend in Switzerland goes well 🙂

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