MTB’ing is hard. But damn fun! First UCI XCO EVER!

Posted: 30 June 2014 in Uncategorized

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but almost everything I’ve been doing has been a learning curve.  I decided to switch to MTB racing this summer in the hopes of seeing how far my skills will take me.  What I’m finding out is that it might take a bit longer than anticipated to reach the top.  I’ve raced a few races so far doing the occasional Marathon MTB race here and there with some hard but not exactly mention-able results.  In the last month I’ve had the opportunity to try my hand at XCO racing.  Given that I haven’t had any experience with this style of racing, I suppose I can’t exactly be upset with my results, stacking up against most guys who have been racing MTB’s for the last 10 years or so.  With the ultimate goal of gaining enough UCI points to start at a World Cup this year, I went in search of some points.  Luckily, Emily and I have some Czech friends we met in Canada who are currently living in Ulm not far from here.  Luckily enough Jan and Lenka’s family come from a small town about a half hour drive from one of the Czech Cup races, a C1 in Kutna Hora.  So we made a trip out of it.  Jan’s father was generous enough to put us up for the weekend and feed us some great czech food along with the occasional Vodka shot (one upon arrival, and for Emily, one before I woke up the next morning as a bit of a pre-breakfast ‘wake-me-up’ sorta speak).

The crew minus Emily

The crew minus Emily


The course was pretty cool though albeit quite demanding with lots of pretty knarly technical bits and lots of up and down.  Not much time to rest, which was fun, but definitely a hard introduction to XCO racing.  It even had a rock garden which was my first of this kind.

Rock Garden in the Pre-ride.

Rock Garden in the Pre-ride.

Because so many people came out to hang out for the day, I had a pretty large contingent for my own personal pit crew!  A friend of Emily and Jan’s even came down from Prague for the day to help out!  They were Extremely organized!

Extremely well tuned pit crew.

Extremely well tuned pit crew.

With lots of pushing and shoving on the first lap, I felt like I was right in the mix of a cyclocross World Champs.  I was also one of the last riders to get pulled.  Considering the calibre of the field, I don’t think I did that bad.  Finished up 24th after picking off quite a few riders.  Little did I know I would be headed to Budapest the weekend later…

Action Shot Kutna Hora C1

Action Shot Kutna Hora C1


  1. Good luck, I’m sure you will do great as you have good technical riding from cross racing and now the MTB XC races are like 1hr 30mins or less and your cross races are one hour so you will be at the top sooner than you might think. I hope to see you on sports net one racing a world cup race as I watch them all.
    Last year I raced in Missoula Montana in a USA PRO XCT in cat 2 and it was crazy hard but a great experience. This July 19th I will be racing the Tahoe Trail MTB XC in solo open men the full 100km.
    Good luck this summer racing.

  2. good luck Aaron, we from BC are all behind you cheering.

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