Head to Bend to avoid the Rain? Looks like a lot of snow instead…

Posted: 14 December 2013 in Uncategorized

Up until last weekend the coldest conditions I’ve ever raced cyclocross in was about -5C with a -10C wind chill. This had to have been the last time that Nationals was in Edmonton when it was super cold on the first day and actually snowed on the second day. When I finished the race, after the entire race of not feeling my hands, they thawed out pretty quick and this is the first time I experienced the pain attributed to this ‘thaw’.

Last weekend in Bend was shaping up to be a douzie. Weather called for somewhere around a high of -17C and there was supposed to be a small scuff of snow to fall on Friday. In actual fact it snowed at least a foot and knowing that we race at 3:30pm and well after the high of the day, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Now the major issued with the snow is mostly the fact that the 3m wide course quickly turns into a 1 ft or less wide trail. If you ride outside the line, your only going backwards. The course was night and day different from the year before though and it was a very welcome change for me. On the start I didn’t have a great one so ended up somewhere in the high teens I’d say going into the first corner although with Logan Owen going down in the first corner I was able to ride around him and gain a couple of spots right off the bat.

Realistically though I just had to hold tight and not mess up. I think I stayed in the same position for almost 3/4’s of the race as it was so hard to pass guys in the snow. I managed in the last couple laps to gain a couple of spots with riders going backwards and Jeremy Durrin somehow magically crashing on the uphill only to lose one of them to a way faster running Carl Decker just to lose the sprint to him and Cody Kaiser. It was so cold out there and I obviously wasn’t wearing the proper gloves because I got the major thaw again. This time WAY worse and they were numb for almost a week afterwards. Not good as this means I got a bit of frost bite. Oh well, not a bad finish considering I wanted to stop MANY times and go grab some heavier gloves from the car…

Earning our keep at the Sorlie Host House

Next up:  The move to Belgium and St. Niklaas C2 Event!

  1. Antonio says:

    Derrick filled me in on Nationals, WILD! Great work, congrats and I look forward to following your progress in Europe. Any live feeds?


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