Vancouver Sun, Marathon bike builds, and a whole lot of excitement.

Posted: 25 November 2013 in Uncategorized

So the big journey has begun. The next chapter in my life started on Monday. For those who don’t know yet, I’ll be living in Germany for the next 2 years. My wife got a research position (post-doc) in Tuebingen and I’m going there to support her and continue the awesomeness of racing my bike without a full time job. Sounds cool right? It will be a first for me…

The frantic packing was quite typically Schooler. I left most things until after I finished my last day of work on Thursday which only gave me Friday and the weekend to get everything all worked out. With a wedding thrown in the mix, my time was limited and with about 3 hrs pre-flight, the rest of the contents of my room were thrown into the bike bag with my bike.

I really lucked out with timing in Vancouver as I have yet to do a training ride in the rain. Great prep for Nationals coming up. Managed to spend some time with the Norco boys at the PoCo Headquarters building up my second bike early in the week and after a couple learning experiences that have to do with hydraulic brakes, a quick phone call to the guru, and he was here to save the day and a lot of frustration. A big shout out to Colin with Formula Canada Inc. for the very appreciated visit.

The Last VCXC Race of the Season:

Rocked out to Aldergrove for the last cross race in the lower mainland and was going to use it as great prep leading into Nationals. Keep in mind that this is the first BC race of the year for me that I’ve been able to race the Kevin’s who have been killing it lately in BC. At first I thought they were just messing with me and wanting me to do all the work, but after a couple laps, I figured it was time to put them to the test and see what it was all about. With a very bumpy, short, and fun course on tap, it meant lots of passing, crazy fast descents, and a few muddy but fun corners. Guthrie was the first to kick things into gear, so I figured I’d try and put some pressure on the pedals and it wasn’t long before I had a gap and decided from there to keep the foot to the floor.

Credit: Doug Brons

Credit: Doug Brons

A big thanks goes out to the organizers and Volunteers this weekend!

Next up, Canadian National Champs in South Surrey!

To follow it live from home, check it out here:

  1. freddy van wolvelaer belgium says:

    good luck in Germany maybe we meet in Belgium
    Sint Niklaas or Antwerp

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