Snow, mud, and some multi-tasking – Coming down to the wire!

Posted: 15 November 2013 in Uncategorized

The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy. Did my last day of work today for quite a while. Going to take the weekend to pack, then it’s off on the big journey. That’s right: Germany for 2 years with my wonderful wife! But only after Vancouver, and Belgium for cyclocross of course 🙂

AB provincials went down without a hitch. Well, that’s what I like to say anyways even though it was far from hitchless. Riding during the week wasn’t feeling too hot so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Although coming into the rest of the AB races, I wasn’t all that worried. Until the half way mark when I hadn’t dropped Dustin Andrews yet. I heard rumours that he was riding lots, but didn’t really see it shine in the rest of the races I did, so I figured it would just be another normal day with me hangin out until I decided to put the hammer down and drop everyone. After a few laps of giving it my real honest try, he was still on my wheel and I couldn’t shake him. I knew it would be a nail biter and I was getting nervous. Dustin is known for his sprint, me for my… AB leadouts for Kris Dahl? Definitely not the same thing. On the last lap I again put the hammer down, but not too much that I blew. I tried everything to stay in control although as expected, Dustin came around me with almost 300m’s to go. Into the last corner, I threw the hail Mary pass and cut on the inside of the corner (there were two lines around a tree and I took the inside on this one only) and it gave me the slight advantage on the last corner. With the most awkward sprint happening (hoods, small ring, ugly) I somehow managed to hold him off for a wicked photo finish I’ll never forget!
Provincials 2013 Photo Finish
The next day was pretty epic again with the first snowfall in Edmonton coming to stay
AB Provincial Champs 1 Robb M

Last weekend was a bit different. I figured I’d head out to BC to get some more wicked racing in the legs and test out the BC field. At BC provincial champs, which only a hand full of top guys showed up to. Never the less, it was an awesome couple events as always organized by non other than the Cross on the Rocks guru Norm Thibault.

The first day was an absolute mud fest. Had fun duking it out with Tyler Trace, although my hopping ability gave me the slight edge on this one. I’m under playing the slight…
Lets just say the bike was getting heavier as the day went on and it was proving to be harder and harder to hop the barriers as time went on but it was great practice for all the mud riding!
My Little Pony CX Race Nanaimo Mud
The second day was also pretty cool with the BC signature section of single track showing up again it was a bit of a blast with lots of sand (until I snagged my hip on a volleyball net in the sand pit) but the race unfortunately was me off the front all day. Kind of a bummer that the faster BC guys weren’t able to attend. Oh well, it’s a clean sweep for me!

And a huge thanks to the whole Island family that was able to come out and cheer me on! I ride faster when family is cheering that’s for sure!

Now to get everything in line and pack all that I can fit into 2 bike bags and a carry on for 2 years in Germany… It’s going to get interesting. NATIONALS IN 15 DAYS!!!! Getting excited!

  1. Kiffy shannon says:

    Good luck Aaron, We will be cheering you on even though we r not physically there. Love the island

  2. Congrats on your 6th provincial championship race win, I watched you on that cold day on your close finish and you were racing so good and looked in control the whole race. Well done winning the overall points on the Alberta Cup series. I hope that my volunteering at the races has helped out along with my cow bell cheering you guys on.
    Great time for me to watch a true great racer live in action.
    I remember I met you four years ago at a River Valley Cycle sale and that was my first season of racing and I asked you about training and I remember you told me for winter you did more cross country skiing than indoor trainer cycling, and last year I just started to ski and also race and I remember seeing you at Troll in the Park Loppet (I think) Thanks for all your tips.
    To continued racing and best of luck in Germany.

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