Dark Knight with a twist and some local racing fun times

Posted: 14 October 2013 in Uncategorized

As I reminisce about the last couple weekends and get over the food hangover from thanksgiving dinner, I can’t help but be thankful for all those who have supported my cycling career over the years. It’s a very expensive sport to be involved in and every little bit helps and allows me to work less and spend more time thinking about the sport I love.

I have to thank my team ‘Team H&R BLOCK’ for helping me get to the races that matter, all the teams Marketing partners who support with top end product as well as those who have gone beyond the support of the team to help me out personally with cyclocross support. Thanks to Rob Pryor with Sri Importing for helping me out financially, my former coach Corey who got me to where I am, and my current coach Andrew Pinfold for reviving my love for the sport and preparing me for my future challenges.

Most especially thankful for my wife Emily for putting up with my lack of income, heavy eating, and constant travelling. Soon we will be settled in Germany in our new adventure together!

On to the racing:

Every year I look forward to this race. Dark Knight. The non-sanctioned race at C.O.P. where anything goes. Alcohol, single track, Darkness, drops, SSCXWC style Tequila shortcuts, you name it. I know it doesn’t work toward points or anything, but it’s a fun party non-the-less. I drove to the race with Kris Dahl and during the warm up we heard rumours that there might be some kind of a tequila short cut going on. So I planned to see how the race played out and take it if I needed to.

Dark Knight Drop

We weren’t allowed to take the short-cup on the first lap, but on the second, Mark McConnell took it in front of me, and knowing the length the short-cut took off, I couldn’t resist. Wasn’t going to let him get the gap. The first couple shots burned… A lot. The third, I almost puked. The last few (only because I don’t know how many more we drank) went down just fine. I was able to gap Mark somewhere in the middle while heading through the sand pit. It was a little bit of a wobble fest for the last few laps as the tequila was really starting to settle in… But brought it home for the big W.

Dark Knight

The only real issue with the whole tequila shortcut, was the fact that we now needed to find someone to drive my car back home for me! Oh well…

This weekend was also pretty good, taking home back to back local wins, with the second one being just a stones throw away from my parents house in Edmonton at the Velodrome. I was really cool to see my brothers and their family’s come out to cheer me on. It’s fun to show them what I do with my ‘spare’ time…

Now, it’s another couple weeks in final prep for Spooky Kross in LA. One of the big goals of the season as not all the big guns show up to this one. Until next time…

  1. Dominik Kubicki says:

    Props on taking the shot-cut Schooler, dig it!!


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