Fresh Season, Syncronized Cyclocross, and a whole lot of fun

Posted: 28 September 2013 in Uncategorized

Cyclocross is back. In a big way. I wasn’t quite sure how the North American scene would change in light of the whole Exergy fiasco and the USGP’s going by the way side, but one thing we got out of the whole mess, started from a couple guys who were there the whole time…

Behind the Barriers.

Jeremy Powers teamed up with some already amazing people, Colt McElwaine (Who’s #1), Cosmo Catalano (How the Race was Won), and kept up the good old Behind the Barriers episodes as well as adding something North American cyclocross was missing: Behind the Barriers Presents (Good quality race coverage with comentators who know what’s going on)!!!!

For those who haven’t seen any of this yet, check it out here:

I have been really late this year with everything in terms of preparing for the cyclocross season. With the ultimate goal of moving to Germany with my wife after Worlds, I’m planning to have a good European campaign and the fact that I’ve been working a lot in order to pay for everything, it’s been a slow go of it. I’ve decided to upgrade a few things in terms of parts as well this year which meant a whole lot of waiting for new parts to come in. I’ve been lucky enough to add some additional sponsors to the already incredible Sponsors and marketing partners who support Team H&R BLOCK for the road. Sidi, Rudy Project, Jagwire, Clement, Crankbrothers, Full Speed Ahead have all jumped on board to see where my career takes me and get me using some top of the line gear!

Some people say they weren’t sure how they were going to feel ahead of time due to this excuse or that excuse, but this time was for real. The wednesday night before Starcrossed I had to pull an all nighter at work due to a deadline and me covering for 2 other guys on vacation, so I went into the weekend a little bit… out of sorts… Then on Thursday at 8am (24 hrs after I went into work for the day) I went home to pack for the trip. Finally got down to Seattle to stay with friends (the Emsky’s) and did some well awaited relaxing…

Seattle Boating

Onto some racing:

I had a pretty bad start at Starcrossed which makes sense, I haven’t really been practicing those at all. So I had a lot of catching up to do in the first half of the race, but I was feeling pretty good and just had to get used to group riding again after the long break from the road season. I finally made it up to the front group with about 4 laps to go and put a good surge through to see what it was like to finally ride on the front of one of these big races. To be honest, it was hard, but fun. The couple laps I spent near the front included double side by side bunny hops with Ben Berden of the Raleigh/Clement Team.

Starcrossed Bunny Hop Dennis Crane Photography Photo courtesy of Dennis Crane Photography.

Although the couple laps were a bit of a show to the crowd and the guys that I am here to race this year, it tuckered me out a bit and one by one I got passed by the rest of the lead group to finish at the back of the group on the final lap. 11th and just out of the points, but a fun night non the less.


Las Vegas is always fun to me even though I show up and act like a monk not partaking in any of the debautchery etc… But I like it because of the people watching and the sheer crazyness of the United States of Merica. The race went down as expected at the start and I actually (now knowing I needed to focus more on the starts) had a great start at the beginning of this one. Did everything I could to keep pace, although the week of travel right after the lack of sleep was starting to catch up to me and my legs weren’t feeling so hot. I lost the good group of guys I was in and ended up dropping back to a couple sole chasers a ways behind. Not a horrible finish of 25th for the type of field that showed up to this one. Not to mention the bunny hop bull spear move I did while trying to bunny hop the stairs behind one of the Cal GIant Specialized guys a few laps in. Kinda took my focus out of it for long enough to loose the group.

Oh well, not a bad first trip to start the ever long CX campaign!

Check out the current list of Personal Sponsors on my Sponsors page! <—-

Next up, Dark Knight in Calgary, then Spooky Kross in LA!

  1. freddy van wolvelaer belgium says:

    Did you meet Sven Nys in Vegas ?

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