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Cyclocross Dreamin’

Posted: 7 June 2013 in Uncategorized

Threshold Shoot AliasCinema 1

This past Monday I checked off a bucket list item, or at least one of those dreams that you always have as a child, but never actually expect to happen. Norco invited me out to Victoria for a photo/video shoot to help launch the Threshold for this year. The initial thought was to head out to a previously used venue north of the city that was great for some MTB footage, although with the intent of the shoot being a training ride ‘A-La-Schooler’ Style, I had bigger things in mind. So the boys accepted my offer, and we headed to the nearest park in town. Well, this park had a pretty fancy view (revert to above photo for details). Ok, enough of the artsy fartsy shots, and on to some riding, and man am I glad we got up early for this (4:30am to be exact). (see photo below)
Threshold Shoot Jonathan Duncan

We were havin’ a good-ol time when they wanted me to ride down this one trail that would have been pretty cool, so I did and after trying to ride the jutting rocks, I double flatted… What are the CHANCES???  Bad news, search the van for more tubes and luckily we came across a cross tube and a 26″ MTB tube. Oh well, we shoved it in and made it work! And to my roadie surprise, it worked awesome! Onto the next venue almost across the street to find some wicked tall grass and a couple super stoked videographer/photographers 🙂 (Below)
Threshold Shoot AliasCinema 4

After a short coffee stop, some more filming it was 10 am and we were pooped.

I’m really stoked to be a part of something that has come a long way in the last few years, with major overhauls going into the frame in recent history, it really is a trial and error thing. I’ve been pushing the boundaries on the Threshold for sure, but the amazing versatility of the beast speaks for itself. Stay tuned for what’s up next…