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This one is for those who may not know much about where I come from and how I got to where I am today:

Born and raised in Edmonton, AB. Grew up in a downhill ski family (Hockey was foreign in my family) . I raced until I was in my teens when it got too expensive for all of us to keep racing, so some of us started coaching, and others did other sports. I always loved biking as it was great off season training for skiing.

Randomly in High school I decided to join the military Reserves as a Combat Engineer. They work with explosives, bridge building, construction trades, and lots of other jobs that allow the infantry to do their job. This kept me pretty busy each summer when I was in school and college, although was never all that good for being able to race my bike because I was always gone in the summers. I was in the military for a total of 9 years. This past European CX campaign was pretty neat as I was in Oudenaarde and much closer to all the WWI memorials near Ypres. I took a long ride on a rainy day to go check out the closest one at Passchendaele.

Passchendaele Memorial Plaque
Passchendaele Memorial

Once I graduated college though, the game changed drastically. I secured a full time gig at Jacobs (engineering consulting) and for the first time since I was young, I had evenings and weekends off to do whatever I wanted without the obligation to study constantly. That’s when I found ERTC (the Edmonton Road and Track Club) and Corey Torgness (Head coach) and started riding more. I shortly got into racing and after a lot of learning how to ride a bit smarter, I made it into Cat 2.

I really have to thank Corey Torgness (my long time coach) for helping me get to the level I’m at now. Without his guidance and tutelage, I wouldn’t know all the things I know now. He has done a great job at thinking about the bigger picture of a career in the sport as opposed to some temporary gains that don’t help you in the long run. Which is the main reason why I’m really only seeing great results now, but am quite consistent as a cyclist.

Coach Corey
Above is a classic night of training in the winter. I ski a lot for my base miles, but as long as it’s above -5 out I’ll be on the bike!