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Results from the weekend

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Every year, I’ve made the decision to stay up north and get my base miles of training in on the skis and the rollers, and whatever other winter sports I can fill it with to have myself prepped and ready to rock it hard for the new road season. The alternative to this is to head south, not work, instead spend money, and get a nice sun tan. I never regret my decision to do this, but sometimes dream of what it would be like to do something like that.

With snow still on the ground, it being the beginning of April, AND there are calls for another storm this weekend with a potential for 15cm of snow, I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming…

On from the rough parts, and on to the good parts! I headed out for the 2013 Team H&R BLOCK road team launch in Vancouver last weekend and after a couple days of getting to know the guys, learning to speak a new kind of Kiwi and trying my hand at translating Italian (I speak absolutely no Italian) we were all acquainted. I had an opportunity to test ride the Prototype that lead to the Norco Tactic, but the final product in all it’s stealth black and team decaled glory is just so much damn cooler. And boy do they ride like a charm. It’s really great to have been able to spend the day with Norco and learn all about the extra time and money they put into ensuring a quality final product. And get this, they’ve been around for almost 50 years! I don’t know how many beater bikes I’ve seen around Canada, but most of the oldest and longest running ones almost always tend to be Norco’s. Ok, now to the cool stuff you’ve been reading for:

On the weekend, the team signed us up for some BC spring series fun. Stage race to boot. All happening in the Langley/Ft. Langley area. FYI: I found out I was racing only 3 weeks ago, and found out last week that it would be a stage race, so it’s been great fun trying to prepare myself for the inevitable: A hard couple days on a bike.

The crit was in the morning and I was actually getting pretty excited about it. Plus, a functional bike helps out a lot. Basically, after a bunch of laps, we were still together. An attack came, and I went with it. I wasn’t really sure of my fitness, with it being the first race on the bike this year and probably my 5th ride outside, and the whole team of 9 strong behind, I decided to sit on, and hope for someone to bridge up later. With a few laps to go, we were still away, and the pack wasn’t too far away in front of us, I knew it would come down to a sprint from the break. With one to go, as we speedily integrated into the pack, Curtis went left, I went right, and it was a bad move. The pack was going quite a bit slower than we were, and I messed up. Curtis went to the front, I tried to sneak in behind the H&R leadout train, it was chaos and I didn’t have the legs to follow through, or make up the extra 10 spots I lost in the pack when we went through the only sharp corner on the course. Curtis was off and I hobbled in for 2nd place. Not a bad start to the road season, but not what the team had in mind. Hats off to Curtis for riding a hard and smart race.

The TT and the road race didn’t go so hot for me, and the team did alright, but with it being so early in the year, there are still many things to improve on.

Plus side: Our team is stellar and no one can be considered ‘cancerous’. I’m really looking forward to suffering for the boys this year!