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Ups Downs and In-betweeners

Posted: 23 January 2013 in Uncategorized

Front Rim Post CrashI was told once by a pro CX rider I looked up to when I first started riding what it was like to ride your bike as a job. He said, “Sometimes it’s the best job in the world and sometimes it’s the absolute worst job you ever want.”

I took that to mean a few different things, but me being an optimist just took it as meaning that sometimes you have good days (like winning a bike race) and sometimes you have bad days (like getting injured or crashing in a race). But it didn’t quite describe what it’s like to rehab back from an injury. In my opinion, crashing falls somewhere in the in-between.

As most people who follow my cycling exploits know, at the tail end of my Belgian campaign, 3 days before flying home, I crashed while out on an errand, dislocated my shoulder, and subsequently had to relinquish my spot on the Canadian Team for the World CX Championships. This being a pretty big deal as it is the first year that Worlds will be held outside of Europe since it’s inception in 1950. Not only that, but It was poised to be my first team project with the real Canadian Hero, Geoff Kabush. But what have I been up to since?

I’ve heard of the lows that athletes will go through when they aren’t on the top or competing as they are used to, but living it first hand has been hard. Not being able to go to worlds has been one thing, but not being able to train even though it’s the off season, early season, dry-land training whatever is another thing. Depressed? As an optimist and a true athlete, it’s hard to give into said title. It’s like when you start to get sick and everyone tells you that your sick, but you pass it off as something caught in your throat, or some of your meal that went down the wrong tube.

But now that the worst days are behind me, it’s time to get back to what I really love doing: Telling my friends how much more I trained than they did last week.

Here’s to coming out of the funk, and holding the head up. What else am I going to do. Nothing else brings me so much joy.