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Leading into this weekend I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have been pretty busy trying to put the finishing touches on packing and hashing out my whole travel schedule, all the while working a 9-5 job to pay for it all. It gets a little much sometimes, especially when the weather turns…

Mark and I came down to LA fully expecting to start off the trip with a nice warm and dry weekend in LA. As soon as we got here, we knew it was going to be a gong show. As we were getting more and more depressed about the weather, the LA locals were getting pumped. The first time in a long time that the weather was going to show them what true cross is all about.

The first day it just decided to open up. We got rain, and lots of it. It first started misting, then turned to real rain. I wasn’t prepared for the whole thing as I came down without 2 sets of mud tires, and it’s my own fault for not getting them ready and glued up after flatting on it at Nationals. I ended up 11th even with the one lap on the all around tread slipping and sliding. Felt good, but there was room for lots of improvement.

Second day was another gong show, got the bikes as ready as they would ever be (which was nowhere near prepared enough) and headed out for some more pain. This time after a poor start, I settled into a good group with the 2 Kona boys and started making up ground on the others. Only to succum to a rear flat half way through the race, and had to hobble that in for at least half a lap. This day wasn’t as rough on the brake pads though as I was really burning through them on the first day with the rain. Hobbled home for 16th.

SSCXWC = Gong show. A fun experience which is (in my opinion) more fun to watch than race, but to each his own. Drunk cyclists pushing people over, coupled with drunk heckling fans, makes for one hell of an interesting show. The favourite section of the course had to have been what I call the worm. Immediately after the flyover, the spectators (Led by RedBulls Fvourite) started narrowing the course a bit every lap, then proceeded to make S bends out of it with dollar bills held up on mud piles. It was full of many crashes and laughs, until one of the racers went hog wild and started flinging mud in the air which crashed down on anyone in the area. The crowd dispersed, but only for a couple seconds before coming back to revamp the taping again.

Now it’s time to catch up on some sleep and do a total overhaul on my bikes before Bend. We’ll see how that goes…