A Spooky Mess with Air Time.

Posted: 21 October 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok So… There once was a guy named Aaron. He liked to race his bike in the dark. He pedaled fast, He ran some stairs, And hung out with a guy named Mark. The races were always a time to play. They raced at home, They raced abroad, This next one down in LA. On the first lap both were going pretty fast. When disaster struck, And Aaron hit the deck, He was duking it out for dead last. The rest of the race was a blur. Mark lead the charge, Aaron kept chasing, Always wishing he wasn’t where he were. Later in the race Mark started to fade. He crashed into a dude, Ended up battered and bruised, Finished off hobbling over to first aide. Like a freight train Aaron came charging. Started hopping some planks, And railing the banks, His air time was ever enlarging. In the race they both had some trouble. From crashes to trips, On one knarly course, They hoped their UCI points would double. Legs are tired and sore but there’s always the next day. On the same course, With the same competition, Hoping for greatness, but must first hit the hay. Maybe I’ll just stick to bike racing…

  1. Emily says:

    Actually, your poem is pretty good! Maybe you should write all of your race reports as poems…because in poems “approximate” spelling and grammar is totally ok. You just have to say that you’re creatively expressing your feelings, or something like that.

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