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Assault on YVR

Posted: 4 October 2012 in Uncategorized

So a last minute trip to YVR and I had my work cut out for me. I persuaded Steve Fisher to come up for some friendly, but not so friendly competition, and he sure layed the smack down. Dude has some punch.

Weekend started off with New Brighton CX. Apparently Vancouver only lets cyclists put on events in the months excluding November to February, so they had to get them in early. And man, bone dry cross racing in Vancouver is a rarity. I feel like I’ve been just off the road though, needing some newbie advice because I was having a boat load of trouble putting things together this weekend. Wrong tires to start, wrong tire pressure, felt ok fitness wise, but was loosing so much time in the corners that I’d always have to hammer back on the straight aways to get back to the guys. Not so good. Especially when you know you have the fitness to win it. Noiles messed up in the sand after a few laps, when Steve and I layed down the gas, although Steve just kept riding away and I couldn’t respond. a half a race chasing only netted me a second place. I didn’t realize that chasing would be the word of the weekend…

Vanier Park. Another super cool back drop in the heart of Vancouver. Apparently they changed the course around a bunch from years previous, so it was a little less roadie style and a little more cross style. Rode the course before our race and decided again file treads would be a good idea. Who would have guessed the course would have been chewed up sooo much just from our category alone, that a couple laps into the race I already knew I was on the wrong tire choice. So half way though I decided to change bikes to the all around tread Vittoria XG’s. Well the change costed me, and the tire pressure was WAY too low that I couldn’t even get power coming out of the corners. I suffered a lot more chasing and only eventually caught the leaders Pinner and Noiles on the last lap only to fall to a final sprint with super tired legs. Great races, with me not putting things together. No, sometimes lower pressure is not better, but for CX it’s rare. Great races, lots of spectators, and two days of awesome Mocha’s from my favourite coffee Shop Mussette Cafe and Aaron is a happy guy. Just a bad weekend of racing is all. The things you have to re-teach yourself every year are always the hardest to accept. But it was a weekend for sorting out the small stuff. And building fitness… On to some R&R, Red Cross in E-town this weekend before final preps for my first USGP of the season in Ft. Collins and hopefully a brewery tour 🙂