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It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, so a summary of the last while is required…

Road season has been the best yet. Took home a nostalgic GC win in Banff on the final day upset to offer up my Dad a wicked fathers day gift (Banff Bike fest leaders jersey). Super week was fun, learned A LOT at UBC and how not to ride crits. Stayed upright though. GASTOWN! How cool is it to come across a race like this that has SO much history. I know I got into the sport later in life, so anything earlier than 2006 I’m kinda clueless on, but the hometown hero’s who really made a name for the sport in Canada were in their Prime when these races were happening in the 90’s. Alex Steida, Gord Fraser, and a guy not known too well as an Edmontonian, Colin Davidson. He started in cycling with ERTC and coached by Corey Torgness just like I am now. Kinda cool to learn about so much history coming from one race. The crowd was amazing, streets were horendously spatered in potholes and manway covers. Was having a blast mixing it up with all the North American pros before succoming to a fellow riders skewer which took out my rear spokes rendering my bike out of commission.

Onto the cross season: Started off with a bang. Last minute talks put me in a white and black kit for the rest of the year, and a wicked Canadian company’s backing of support for the 2012/2013 cyclocross season. ‘NORCO Bicycles – Sri Importing’ will be the team name for me this year, and I’m super excited to be helping them sell some top quality bikes that also has deep history in the Canadian market.

Vegas is the party, and a party was had. Such a good show and loads of people, bike people even, cheering on anyone and everyone, even if you were at the back of the bunch just hanging on to dear life. Loved the course, albeit much harder than years previous. I think the organizer wanted us to suffer more so we ended up riding the deep/slow grass WAY more than last year. They mixed up the stairs this year though and made most of them ridable, which meant a smile on my face, and a few times a lap my wheels weren’t going to be on the ground. I really messed up my eating routine though as I got a really bad stomach cramp with about 3 laps to go which was so painful I almost had to stop at one point. pushed through the pain though and the rest felt like I was just crawling home. Managed to finish 33rd about 2 mins down from the group I was with before the cramp. Good legs, bad prep make Aaron a hurting unit. Re-org, and a red-eye home, I’m shaking it off and looking to the next one.

I’ll be skipping the Wisconsin USGP this year, but next up is a double header in Vancouver.

Vanier Park and New Brighton CX at the end of the month. Getting pumped and hope there is some good competition!