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First race of 2012 and I finished it with a smile.  Albeit a very muddy one.  Never though P2A could be so much fun, and we did it with style.  7mins on the next placed person, not too bad.

Started off pretty chill. Decided to ride to the start from Ancaster so i was pretty warmed up and absolutely soaked by then.  Thought it would be best if i hung back and watched the guys who knew where they were going.  Because the route wasn’t exactly straight forward…  Mike drilled it, I drilled it, we dropped everyone by about 15 mins in.  30 mins in, I crash on what looked like sealed asphalt, shiny as Hell and i skidded like I was on an ice rink.  Thought Mike would wait for me.  Thought wrong.  15 mins of eye balls bleeding hammerfest and i caught him back.  Only to have him attack like superman into the mud shutes.  I made it out clean, more than can be said for Mike.  Final climb was a beast, legs screaming.  First race of the year after all.  Not bad, pulled the gap back to 10 secs.  7 mins later chase group rolls in.  Fun day. 

Showed off the new Tatty for the first time!


Oh wait, wrong photo…


That’s better.

Next up, Sea Otter.