Louisville Kentucky USGP Weekend

Posted: 14 November 2011 in Uncategorized

Oh the home of the Kentucky Derby, and soon the home of the first Cyclocross World Championships that will be outside of Europe. I can’t wait!  With all this hype leading into Kentucky 2013 I really wanted to see the area, venue and scope things out in prep for a hard build into the world Championships next season.  So i hooked up with Alex Wanna and Heidi Bigot from Soigneur Race Services along with a few other Canadians and we headed south on Thursday.

Day 1:

With a 4th row callup it was going to be hard to move up off the start.  I managed to not loose many places off the start and kept it steady while trying not to make too many mistakes.  Fumbled a couple times and another when I tried passing Krugoff after he got a flat. That was a bad idea, he put me right into the fencing.  Was able to bunny hop the barriers today and got my confidence back with that.  After a couple laps of mishaps, I really settled into a fine rythm of pulling guys back one at a time.  Worked my way up to 20th. It was a good day.

Day 2:

Much more of the same minus the fumbles. Started really well and avoided all the mayhem that happened in the first lap. McNeely wasn’t so lucky. Eventually worked my way through again until i really hit the wall. I sS hurting bad for some water in the last half of the race and as soon as I hit the wall I was pedalling squares.  Lost my final battle with Barry Wicks in the last 200 m’s.  Finished another 20th with a good feeling after a strong weekend. Wendy’s on the way home tasted awesome 🙂


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