Canadian Cyclocross National Champs 2011

Posted: 11 November 2011 in Uncategorized

Rolled into Toronto unsure of the current form, but very sure I was going to be digging hard trying to ensure whoever won nationals, definitely earned it. Secretly hoping that it would be me, my prep leading into the weekend was going really well and I was beginning to get psyched for the big show. Hearing about the guys doing really well out east and knowing Sheppard has been absolutely killing it at all the early races, I knew it would be a hard battle to the end. Early on I was told Sheppard was taking nationals off this year, so the excitement to duke it out for the win was rampant.

Race day:

I know its going to be a good day when I have a good start and am free and clear of all the first lap carnage that tends to happen. Being the first into the forewarned was a very good sign…  Batty ended up taking over the lead and was going quite hard, so I settled into a pace and rode my own race. He got a slight gap, nothing serious and I could close it on the decsent. There was lots of trading going on with who was doing the pace making until a big group formed with 10 wrong guys at the front and no one driving it, so i put in a big dig to get things going… Lasted a couple laps with a slight gap until the group wiggled down to about 5.

Shepp saw an opportunity and took it by humming it hard through the woods and got a bit of a gap.  Batty and i were the only 2 to hold the slightly lifted pace and everyone else was starting to suffer.  Shortly after Chris went, Batty crashed on one of the downhill corners and the gap seemed to be almost undoeable. Mark and i rolled as best we could to the end and ended up being a pretty big Sprint coming into the finish. Mark showed me the dust and i rolled in for 3rd.

Next up, Louisville USGP.

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