Vegas Vacation?

Posted: 20 September 2011 in Uncategorized

So, long awaited update on my Vegas trip:

Vegas is always super cool, with the show going on and the cross race thrown in the mix, it’s always just a bit massive party with a bunch of people as passionate about bikes as you are. Not to mention that you are in Vegas!

Got to the show Wednesday after it rained all morning and I posponed my morning ride to the early afternoon and upon arrival at the Norco booth noticed that I had a life size poster of myself next to the Cross bikes. How cool is that!

Ok, race time. This year, it rained ALL morning. Like buckets. Insane and rare for Vegas considering it’s the desert. Course was actually quite wet. But considering there weren’t many people ro race before us, the ground conditions held out alright, and even though it was soggy, race tires called for the file treads. 4th row call up: Holy crap there must me a lot of strong guys out this year. And yes, there was. When Ryan Trebon isn’t on the front row, you know it’s going to be a hard race. Bang! First starting loop is over 50km’s an hour I bet by the time we drop into the park. It’s like a crit on grass with obstacles all over the place and fighting for positions and rubbing elbows with the big boys… Didn’t take long for the over eager starters to start going backwards though, this course is hard. Managed to bunny hop the barriers on all but the first lap. It was a little too chaotic. Made for some fast transitions. Got in a group with a once dropped Jonathan Page as he was having tire issues and crashed a couple times to come back with me. Rode in a strong group with JP doing 90 % of the work and I was doing the rest. Not one else wanted to work, so we put our heads down and hammered. Nearing the end of the race we were gaining time fast on a dropped group from the leaders that had Geoff Kabush, Zack Macdonald and Ben Berden in it. I tried everything I could, but Zack started attacking out of that group and upping tempo a bit. Managed to hang on to be outsprinted by Jonathan Page at the line for 15th on the day and an extra happy Schooler. WOW, new HR average over an hour: 184. I can’t believe it didn’t explode…

Up next: Starcrossed and Rapha Focus GP.

  1. Jeff Barnes says:

    Last time I saw 184 on the dial Clinton was in office. Nice job, pretty stacked field there!

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