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It’s always good to open up the cross season with a win. I tried to do it last year, but the Gods had non of it. This year, totally different story. With the course being very dry and dusty and the amount of massive rocks on the course, it was proving to be a challenge. All the other racers were super keen to start the cross season with a bang as from the gun guys went out at a blistering pace. I had to hang back a bit as it was a little bit too hard off the bat. Knoiles, Calhoun, and team mate Zack Garland went off the front with myslef and Ritchey chasing. In the pre-ride I was able to cleanly hop the log in the back of the course before the climb, but after the morning races chewed up the soil so much that it made it much more challenging to be able to get across it smoothly. After a couple laps the leaders soon faded with Kevin being the last one caught and with Ritchey hopping the log cleanly most laps and I was always having issues, it made for the start of an epic battle, the first of many i’m sure!

With Craig and I off the front about half the way throught the race, it opened the door to get a big experimental. So I decided to start bunny hopping the barriers to see if I could get a bit of a gap on him. I made it clean most of the laps and was actually able to put a bit of time into Craig. But he’d always catch me on the hill if I ran it. After a couple laps I made the 180 degree turn on the descent super clean and Craig stumbled and that’s where I got my little gap. After that I put the head down and held the gap to the end. A great feeling after all the extra work I’ve done in prep for this year’s cross season!

More to come…

Next up, Cross Vegas!

The first clinic of the School of Cross series went off without a hitch on Saturday with over 20 degree weather kicking off the clinic and it only got hotter. The morning started off with the basics: Mounting, Dismounting, Shouldering, etc… with more of the practice skills coming in the afternoon like bunny hopping, cornering, stairs, barriers, and much more!

The next day those skills were tested with the H&R BLOCK Langley cyclocross classic in Ft. Langley. All of the atendees did very well with one of them winning his category.

Look out for the next 2 clinics being run in Edmonton and Calgary in conjunction with the School of Cross race in Edmonton, and the Dark Knight race in Calgary.