Alberta Provincial Road Championships 2011

Posted: 22 August 2011 in Uncategorized

Made the big drive down to Lethbridge on Saturday in hopes of taking another Alberta Title on the road. It was going to be an epic battle as the field had depth in strength that’s for sure, although it came down to a battle in the last 30km’s.

We managed to have 4 guys on the start line, Robin, Nick, Dusti and myself. Nothing really exciting happened early, but were animated a bit by a couple solo efforts off the front, the first coming from Cody Canning, second coming from Dallas Morris. Other than that it was kinda status quo for the first 100 km’s. On the side/tail wind stretch on the way home about 30km’s out though, Bruce started setting tempo on the front and up the next climb I decided to make it a real race. I threw down an attack and the only few to come with me were Dustin, Gord Gewitt, and Cyrus. We drilled it as hard as we could for the next few Km’s when we caught up to Dallas. Then Dustin attacked and Gord went with him, forcing Cyrus and Dallas to be in the wind. I soon jumped across after I could really see they were hurting pretty bad and proceeded to drill it with Dustin to get the gap. Soon enough we had a gap large enough to not worry about it so much, the next task was to deal with Gord. Which was proving to be a little harder than I wanted it to be. We tried guttering him, which kinda worked, but it really wasn’t as side windy as I would have liked… Then we tried attacking him, but Dustin was wrecked enough that wasn’t able to counter attack, all it did when I attacked was end up dropping Dustin, so that was kinda out of the picture. Ended up coming into a sprint finish and I did what I could, but ended up getting outsprinted by Gord who’s known for having a pretty good jump on him.

No jersey for next year, but onto a new season: Cyclocross! Can’t wait till the first race 🙂

Vancouver H&R BLOCK LANGLEY Cyclocross Classic and School of Cross Cyclocross Clinic, Vancouver BC. Sept 3-4.


  1. dustans says:

    great report Aaron! you doing any events in BC this year? how about Vegas?

    • Dustan! I’ll be out in BC Sept 3rd and 4th for the School of Cross Cyclocross Clinic I’m running in Vancouver and the BC Cup Cyclocross race that is in Langley on Sunday. Hope to see you out there!


  2. dustans says:

    hahaha yeah, checked the schedule. See you out there!

  3. Jeff Barnes says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Still thinking of swinging through Iowa City for JingleCross at the end of November? If so, you’ll have free accommodation and entry fees will be covered.


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