Tour de Bowness

Posted: 3 August 2011 in Uncategorized

Ah, the good thing about August in Alberta is the real big block of racing that happens in AB (aside from Banff of course) starting off with the Tour de Bowness on the August long weekend. I was pretty excited to find out 2 things special about this year’s TDB. First was the format that was changed to the same format as 2008 when I won the overall title with a REAL road race this time and using the Cochrane course which is always a good leg burner, and second was that the community of bowness was having a huge block party celebrating one of their anniversaries on the weekend, so the crit would undoubtedly have a couple extra spectators!

Road Race: Racing with 3 guys on iffy form and injuries was going to be a battle going up against 5 of Red Truck’s A Squad and a couple olympic skiers on our hands. one and a half laps in and treck took it upon themselves to start really churnign things up at the front. They managed to wittle it down enough until there were about 5 of us left in the lead group and soon after Vukets threw down a pretty spicy attack and I followed. The 2 of us would then gain a couple minutes on the chase with one full lap to go. We knew the chase was coming up strong on us near the turnaround so we started to turn up the pace a bit and on the climb up the hill the last time Vukets got the jump on me and I was shortly left in the dust. Got back into the group and tried to stir up as much as I could to see if guys would actually start working to chase back the win, but to no avail. Dave won solo and 3 other Red Trucks finished 2-4. It was a depressing finish.

Hill Climb: Managed to get in a good heat, but wasn’t feeling super good and Cody beat me with Chris McNeil doing most the pace setting who I managed to pass in the final few meters. Finished 8th.

Crit- Finally onto the coolest Stage of the weekend. Bowness has always been a super cool course for me, and this year it would turn into an even better one. After a couple hot laps right off the bat I managed to get away with Vukets, Thuss, Crooks, and Dustin. After a few laps Dustin was hurting pretty bad and ended up getting dropped from the group. We worked pretty well together with Dave and Adam doing most of the work as they were basically solidifying their win in the overall, but I was gunning for two other things: The win today and the Jersey for Alberta Provincial Crit Championships. After we lapped the field I knew it was really on. Guys were still really trying to crank it up even after being lapped, and after Thuss made a move to go clear with one other guy, I made a bit for freedom with Sean Crooks and a couple Red Truck guys coming with me. I knew the only way to win the race was to have that break stick, but it was short lived, and 2 laps to go it was all together. Now the main objective would be to win the sprint, but at the very least, beat out Sean as he was the only other Alberta rider in contention. It was an epic drag race, but I managed to hang on to 2nd on the day, and the Alberta Crit title. Thanks ALOT to the work that was done by Dustin and Kris. They were phenomenal!

Next up: a weekend off of racing and the Folk Fest in Edmonton followed by Alberta Provincial Road Champs a little later in August…

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