Tour de White Rock 2011

Posted: 19 July 2011 in Uncategorized

Climbing, climbing and more climbing. This weekend was about the climbers, or the strong men who can get themselves over the climbs anyways. Hill climb went ok for myself and we got Seb and Cam into the top 6 for the final showdown with Seb rolling it hard to the line on the second time up for third.

Crit was a bit rougher with attacks off the gun and no real breaks were allowed to get any time until JK, Marsh, couple of Garneau’s and a couple others rolled off the front at a time when my legs were hurting SUPERBAD. Crafty JK came out of the depths of the hurt locker to throw down a pretty knarly attack after the last climb to net our team win #2 of Superweek. I did what I could to get Seb into good position on the last couple laps, but we ended up getting swarmed pretty bad with 1 to go.

Road Race was a whole other beast. 40 km/hr right from the gun as guys went nuts trying to get the 100 $ prime for the first to the top of the hill on Lap 1. On the start of the climb I shifted to my small ring and ended up fully dropping the chain off. Kris pushed me for a bit until I decided I need to stop and sort it out. FIxed it pretty fast only to realize I was in the big and big. Shifted pretty quick in the back but was worried further about shifting into the small ring (and lucky my legs were feeling good) so I pushed the big ring the whole way up the first climb. Then proceeded to chase the group for almost the rest of the first lap before I finally got back on. It was a rough start to a long day. After the break went with just Owen in it we were a little bit skeptic about how things would play out. Seb managed to attack a couple times before finally breaking the chain and rolling the 2 min gap solo. He made it across like the champ he is and finished a very incredible 4th and 2nd overall. I managed to hang onto the group after being dropped nearly a dozen times during the day and finished just off the peloton in the last couple laps.

Oh yeah, I almost side swiped a dog on the decsent one lap before making a pretty sweet save to roll across the line in one piece.

Next up Gran Fondo Rockies Sunday!

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