Giro di Burnaby 2011

Posted: 15 July 2011 in Uncategorized

What happens when a team comes together? You win, and you beat all the pro’s that signed up for the day also.

First upset at Superweek this year won by Cam McKinnon and Justin Kerr came 3rd. What a way to do it.

Off the bat there wasn’t a move that would go without 2 H&R’s in it. Things were spicy from the get go. Attacks and counter attacks, Cam was off solo, Ryan Anderson was off solo, nothing really sticking, I made a move after things were kinda cranked up and Eric Wholberg bridged up to me and soon enough we had a move of 6, the first break to really be established, alas there was still energy in the chase, and we came back after a few laps. Right away another move went off the front with Cam and Justin. I was hurting so bad after that last move that I didn’t even see them go. Soo excited. Break got 25 sec’s, and the organizers kept throwing primes at the chase group… man, this is gonna be tight, 20 sec, 5 laps to go, another prime, 18 secs, I started to move myself up to the front for the sprint and see how the legs felt after today’s efforts, 3 laps to go, 15 secs, not really looking forward to what’s gonna happen if this comes back, 12 seconds 1.5 laps, 8 seconds, 1 lap to go, we can see them and that damn red ferrari in front, it keeps getting closer… final sprint and it was super tight, close enough that I could see Bailey put down his sprint on the left side… from what I saw it didn’t look good, but Cam and Justin came through on the right side for the win and third. Super pumped!

Wow, the feeling of accomplishment! Now I can sleep well tonight.

Next up, White Rock starting with the infamous 700m hill climb tonight!


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