UBC Grand Prix 2011

Posted: 13 July 2011 in Uncategorized

As part of BC Superweek this year, in the inaugural race, the UBC Grand Prix did a phenomenal job of organizing a top notch event! Super cool course, atmosphere, spectators, everything! I hope they continue with this down the road because it was awesome. Racing… maybe not.

Started off with a bang, literally, they shot the gun as we rolled by the start/finish. It was hard racing off the get go and Exergy and Kelly were out for blood. Few guys off early in ones, but nothing really stuck. I threw down a massive attack down the back stretch to get things rolling and pulled 5 guys away with me. Marsh, Alzate, Vukets, Anderson and one more, but no one was really working well together, guys were pulling through but some guys were absolutely drilling it and getting gaps to the rest of us. Eventually once my eyeballs stopped bleeding Marsh Cooper and Alzate got away with a gap to the rest of us, Ryan was last to get dropped, and we were sooon swallowed up by the peloton. Either it was hard, or none of the guys wanted to work with me to get back up there… I think it was just hard.

Back to the group, sat on for quite a few laps trying to regain my energy as my legs were full of lead at this time. Finally moved back to the front, tried to get things going, but nothing was sticking, those boys must have been going fast. Exergy were just sitting on everything and fully controlling the half ass chase. Red Truck put boys on the front but didn’t last long. We had a couple up there also, but nothing super organized. I was still hurting. Finally 4 laps to go i tried to see if Cam or Justin were feeling alright, that’s a no. Back to the front, got pushed around by the heavy hitters, and finally set into about top 15. Managed to move up a couple spots on the last downhill before the finish corner and took it incredibly fast. might have been top 20, not sure. Rode back to the house and mowed down chicken pasta pesto. Tomorrow’s another day.

Next up: Norco 2012 launch team ride on the north shore tomorrow.

Giro di Burnaby Thursday.

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