Tour de Delta 2011, Part 1 of BC Superweek Completed

Posted: 10 July 2011 in Uncategorized

So they changed around the style of the Tour de Delta this year with the first stage moving from a Prologue to a crit. Really cool 4 corner crit which was very fast and one corner I’m sure we were taking at over 60 km/h. The field this year at Superweek is very fast. Lots of pro’s coming home and bringing a few guys from their teams in support. With former national champs and current champs in the mix, it made for some hard but fun racing all weekend. They also changed up the format from a timed system to an omnium. Which made for a some very fast sprints!

North Delta Crit Stage 1:

Started off fast from the gun and after about 15 mins a group attacked off the front of 3 and Seb from the team. All was well and Seb was riding like 2 guys out there and even tried soloing from the break, but they were able to chase him back with about 4 to go. The break was very quickly pulled back at the end and everyone basically finished same time as Seb finished last from the break but only caught by one guy out of the peloton for 5th.

Ladner Crit Stage 2:

Always a fast course and from the gun much the same. No real breaks got away and if they did, they never lasted longer than half a lap or so. Everyone was still antzy and there were lots of primes to be had. A hard race to be off the front, but an easy one to ride in the group. Cam was feeling the sprinting legs coming around and was able to pull off a top 20.

North Delta – Tsawassen Road Race Stage 3:

I love this course, especially when I’m riding with fewer guys than the peloton so I figured I’d venture off into the break again to see how I would fare. From Km 0.5 Dave Stephens attacked and I matched it with no interest from the group and we were away. Hammer down for the opening circuits, and I was sure glad when the flat point to point rolled around… Or so I thought. I was suffering like a dog at this point and takind 1 pull for Dave’s 4. Held on until a group of 4 from the peloton bridged up with some VERY strong guys in it. Got some help from Dan Holloway over the top of the first major kicker to get back on, before hitting the longer finishing circuit climb and the tank was empty. Tried my best but the lactic acid was overpowering. Rolled it around until I got lapped, then drew the plug. Cam had another top 20 sprint, and between him and Seb, they were strongest over the weekend.

Rest day MondayNext up: UBC Grand Prix Tuesday.

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