Canada Day Crit 2011 Blast

Posted: 4 July 2011 in Uncategorized

So the Canada Day Crit this year was super fun! I rode out to the race with the Joytrax in tow with some spare wheels in it and some lawn chairs. Hung out with lots of good friends and my Uncle even got to come out and see me race, and race I did!

Got off to an ok start with the first few sprint laps (it being a points race style) I think I took second for the majority of them, with Nick J, winning one, Robin doing a sweet solo effort and Roddi even taking one ahead of me. They were almost always pretty close with a bike throw, but I’m pretty sure the final kick went to the other guys. Things really started to spice up when Jeff Barnes threw down a massive spicy attack after one of the sprint laps and I was really the only one who could go with him. We worked well together and shared a bunch of the sprint points which is what you should do when you go off the front with someone! Jeff definately had the old man strength cranked to 100 because he was pulling WAY stronger than I was in that race. I had the kick, but he was gunning it every lap over the hill and through the top stretch. It was impressive! Then on the last lap I managed to kick pretty hard to get a gap to solidify double points on the last lap and the win. My first Canada Day Crit win EVER. So much fun to be able to do this in front of the home town crowd!

Next up: Super week in BC!

  1. Imad says:

    Hello Aron,

    You mentioned Joytrax. Is that the Joytrax child carrier? If so, what do you think of it and do you have any pictures?



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