Nationals T.O. Hammerfest

Posted: 28 June 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s always wonderful when we get to come together and duke it out with the best in Canada for National Champs every year, and this year was proving to be a very hard one. The course was like 13km’s or something and we did 14 laps. Super hard racing, with a big ass hill in the lap. So steep that I was basically out of the saddle from the time it started climbing, until I got to the top. Not only were my legs shelled, but I got a pretty good core and upper body work out in there as well.

Early on, I actually felt pretty good. Now looking at my HR file, I probably went a bit mental off the bat trying to go with that break which went after the second time up the hill, it was pretty hard to actually pull through on the front let alone do it repeatidly. Next time up the climb one lap after we came back was apparently when the move of the day stuck, and it had some SUPER strong talent in it. I ended up being relegated to the peloton (or groupetto, I wasn’t entirely sure) until about 2 laps to go when I got shelled on the hill and the lead moto was basically right behind Kris and I. Tough race, Strong riding by Seb and the U23 boys (Dusti and Garrett).

Onto the crit. I had heard it was a pretty technical course, and once I heard it was a points race with a bit of a hill in it, I was pretty happy. I like those kinda races, and the more technical the better the course for me. Right off the gun it was carnage. Apparently there was like 160 guys registered for the race, but probably not all of them raced it. Because I think only about 20 guys actaully finished the crit. Weird way they did the race also with some guys getting points, and not needing to finish to keep the points, although if they counted the guys who finished and won points there would only be like 5 of them:). hahaa

Went off the front to see what it was like just before a points lap. Got caught on the final sprint to the line, but held on for 1 point. Later in the race, Svein attacked on the outside of me and crashed in the bottom corner. Apparently Spidertech didn’t have a good race as they had MANY crashes that day. I hope the boys recover quickly! Oh yeah, the Go Pro got a lot of the action! Now I just need a video editor…

Next up, Canada Day Crit!


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