Banff Bike Fest 2011 Awesomeness

Posted: 23 June 2011 in Uncategorized

Banff Bike Fest this year was a show and a half! The weather was just horrendous but the racing was spectacular! H&R BLOCK managed to pull off a pretty good showing with 2 stage wins, a total of 5 podium spots and 2nd and 5th in the overall. To say the least, it was a good weekend for team Green.

Prologue went well, but nothing stellar, probably ended up going out to hard in the first half. 1A sprint we were getting ready to setup for a great sprint in the rain, but ended going too hard too early and ended up blowing all our biscuits on the final kicker to the finish. TT we really started to shine with a 2nd and 3rd from Cam and Justin, and even though it felt slow, I had a pretty good one myself, only being 1:45 down from Will over 21km’s. But all was thrown to the wind when we lined up at the start of the crit. I was out for blood and in my absolute favourite crit of the year, I wasn’t going to hold back.

It was a bit overcast and threatening drizzle a bit as it had rained for the earlier races, but kinda let up for our race. Early on I went with a move with Dave Vukets and a couple other guys, but wasn’t too keen on making it happen because of Dave being so high on GC. Sure enough the reshuffle happened when Paul Tichelaar threw down the attack and I went with it. It was a good time becuase guys just didn’t want to race any longer it seemed like. And sure enough we were poised to repeat to the T what happened last year. So we drilled it. And then it started to rain. Paul had a couple times where he was a bit sketched out on the corners, but other than that we were working really well together. Sure enough, not to far into us being away we could see the group ahead of us again and it made me smile… It took 30 mins from the time we attacked to the time we basically came on the back of the group. Although it was later in the race so a complete lapping of the field didn’t happen, but another 2 laps and it was there. The atmosphere from the crowd was phenomenal and thanks to everyone who came out and cheered us on, couldn’t have asked for a much better crowd!

So apparently the ride in the crit managed to move me into 2nd overall just ahead of Justin with the RR on the final day to go. So all I had to do was be smart and attentive. and maybe we’d be able to upseat Will… It was looking to be a touch challenge…

All was going well until the decisive move came and I was getting a bottle in the feed zone. Will attacked through it and I was slowing down to get a bottle. It sucked, I kicked myself, but managed to maintain the time gap close enough to hang onto 5th overall. Justin took the stage, so that was also really good! We solidified Team GC as well and went home with some cool Helli Hansen rain jackets 🙂 It was a good weekend…

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