Mt. Hood Cycling Classic 2011

Posted: 8 June 2011 in Uncategorized

Finally made it home Monday afternoon from the big trip to the States and Vancouver which culmintated in the completion of Mt. Hood Cycling Classic 2011. This year’s edition was of a slightly different vibe than last year with the number of days being reduced to 4 from 6 and number of stages to 5 from 6. So lots more racing in a much more compact time frame! This is a really great prep for myself as it’s an identical setup to the all important Banff Bike Fest which is now just around the corner, albeit each stage a little smaller…

So we went into it wanting to kick some ass, and ass kicking is exactly what we did. Got 3 guys in the top 8 in the prologue, and after that we knew it would be a pretty good weekend! Garrett and Seb are riding like mad men right now and with all the climbing in each road race it was going to end up being a very hard race. Long and short: Seb rode himself into 2nd overall on the last day with a 2nd on the Stage, and Garrett finished with what was left of the main group to up himself on the GC to 4th overall! Great weekend for the Block Brothers!

I had a decent race and the form is still coming into play. I felt really good in the crit though and almost managed to pull off something, although my timing was thrown WAY off with the organizers putting 2 laps to go on the board twice. I went off the front with 1 to go and then was totally demoralized when they didn’t finish the sprint on what I thought was the last lap! It was pretty harsh. Cool crit though. Definitely changes things around with it going the opposite way and a totally different feel to the course when it’s not super Wet!

Next up: Banff Bike Fest 2011

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