The Open Road and all that comes with…

Posted: 2 June 2011 in Uncategorized

So I headed out on the drive to Mt. Hood Cycling Classic this week in Hood River on Wednesday morning, but the Check Engine light came on about half way through the drive. Didn’t think too highly of it until we stopped at the gas station to meet up with Jordan near Seattle and the car started smoking. Opened the hood and the typical smoke in the engine compartment went on and billowed out the hood. “Ummm… OH balls…” There was basically engine oil spewing all over the engine compartment. I checked the engine oil and it was SUPER low. Topped it up and slowly nursed the car to the nearest repair shop which was basically in the middle of no where! Took it into the shop and after about an hour of diagnostic testing and them searching thruought the engine compartment, they came to the conclusion that it was a leaking oil pressure unit. (Not the same one I just had replaced was it?… to be determined…) So after waiting for a couple parts from the subaru dealer for 2 hrs longer than it was supposed to take, another 20 min install job and I was good as new and back on the road.

The guys took off earlier after I figured out the problem so I was lone rangering it down to Hood. “There’s smoke coming into the cab, you think we should pull over and sort it out?… Nah, just roll down the window, you’ll be fine…”

Anyways, so got down to hood at about 8pm. Not too shabby!

Next up, Mt. Hood!

  1. dustan says:

    Nice work Aaron! It is never easy…

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