Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race 2011

Posted: 23 May 2011 in Uncategorized

So I headed out on the drive down to Enumclaw Thursday afternoon, and got in Friday afternoon after a mid drive stop off in Kimberly to say hi to Ryan and Laura!

TT: Felt good until Seb caught and passed me and I realized I wasn’t actually feeling so hot.

Crit: Managed to be very active, with nothing really sticking off the front and after it started raining a bit, this is how things went down:

Did you notice the 5th guy in line there? Yeah, that was me sneaking around the crash and taking the 200 $ prime! Oh the joys of being lucky and cornering well!

RR: A blistering amount of attacking done in the early parts of the RR. Exergy finally started working, we were in every move that went down the road… Popped with a lap and a half to go and rolled it in.

Close call with JK after getting in a scuffle with a minor… Yes, he can still be allowed into the States…

Next up, UBC Tuesday nighter, then Bastion!


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