Velocity Stage Race 2011

Posted: 21 May 2011 in Uncategorized

Big weekend for Team H&R BLOCK in Alberta this weekend with a win in the TT and 1-2 overall. I managed to work myself into the lead in GC after drilling it in the break in the crit and putting almost a minute into the group.

Then in the road race with Kris working incredibly hard to get himself into a bridge group that would easily catch the dwindling early break. He managed to finish 2nd on the day to an incredible ride from Jason Proche (ERTC). Kris getting into the break allowed him to finish up on the rest of us and actually surpass Roddi in the GC. He rode like a champ and it was well earned! It’s much easier to split prize money between two guys than an entire team 🙂 Oh yeah, windy as hell, never raced in a RR so windy before, 50km/hr winds gusting to 80. Nuts, average was super slow. tempo on the front was 20km/hr. pack widdled down from the toughness to a total of like 10 guys finishing.

Next up: Enumclaw!

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