Spring Series Edmonton

Posted: 9 May 2011 in Uncategorized

So I rode out to the race on Sunday, and was ready for some hurt as the last Edmonton Spring Series Race was going to be a gooder. I went into it with the mentality of killing it so har everyone cried a little, and that’s what happened. I also cried because it hurt so much, but that’s not the point. On the start line, it was a very similar group to last week without Dan Wood, but with Paul Tichelaar, so it was a good trade off! And right from the word go I wasn’t going to mozy around. My warm up was the ride out to the race, so I started riding hard right off the bat. Jon Wood bridged up to me, and we put our heads down to hammer! About a lap and a bit in and we weren’t going too far away from the group, but Bruce made his diesel move off the front to bridge up to us. Once he got on, I took a major turn at the front to get as big of a gap on the field as we could! Once Bruce was with us and not chasing us down, we opened up a 2 min gap within one more lap, and the race was all but over. Bruce was dealing with some cramping issues, but with only one lap to go, we couldn’t stick around and wait for him… hammer down again… Then it came into the last lap and based on where the wind was, and the fact that I kinda knew where Jon was thinking I’d attack, I went much earlier than he would have expected. Tail wind section on a short kicker, and got about 20m’s right off the bat. From then to the finish (7km’s approx) it was a rough go. Always thinking he’d chase me back, but never getting there. As soon as we started the false flat again, I started gaining and going into the last corner I knew I had it!

Super fun race on Sunday and a bit of a moral booster after the flip flop early season I’ve had.

Next up: Velocity this weekend, then off to the big races!


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