Barry’s Roubaix and the end of my first big trip

Posted: 10 April 2011 in Uncategorized

So we finished off Redlands with a bit of a downer as only 2 of the guys from the squad were able to make it into the final stage and Seb got a flat tire in the last stage, which he was targeting for a really good result. 24 hr drive home later and we were well at home in Vancouver again! This time was actually pretty good because we were able to make a bed out of all the luggage in the back of the van for 2 guys to crash out there… No one on the floor, so it was a much more comfortable sleep!

Was able to get some pretty sweet training in this weekend, and ran into Jon Wood who is out for the week for work I think. See a wicked video of our ride here:

Barry’s Roubaix: So I know i’m still pretty fresh with the whole riding outside thing, but my body is starting to feel the effects of the lack of cycling specific muscles that have been in hybernation since the fall. Started the race today and everything was going well until I tried to get into the first break that went down the road. Watched it go, tried to go with it, but they just kept putting time into me and my break attempt was very short lived. Got back to the group and the next time on the dyke (gravel section of about 4km’s in length) I just started to go further and further backwards. I basically ended up at the back of the pack by the end of the section before trying to head back to the front on the road. Again, made it to the front, and again drifted further and further back through the group as my lack of strength was my major hinderance. It wasn’t that the weather was basically full on buckets of rain, or howling winds, as I usually like those conditions, but again, it was one this that was usually a strength that turned into my major weakness. Oh how demoralizing this trip has been. It’ll be good to head home, get some good rest and reset my body for the second big push of the season which is actually not that far around the corner now with May being only 20 days away.

Oh yeah, also saw a super sneak peak of the new Norco full carbon cross bikes this weekend. All I’m going to say is WOW. Full on WOW. These things are amazing. But I wasn’t allowed to take pictures nor can I say anything else about it because they are launching it next weekend in Sea Otter. Should be a good go! I am super stoked about these…

Now it’s a good drive home with a car full of bike parts and team clothing… Let’s hope the mountains don’t have too much snow…


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