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March 24th and I packed up all my bike gear (short sleeve jerseys included) and headed out for the first big bike trip of the season. Drove EDM-VAN with a work stop in Jasper to say hi to a few stops. Stayin with good budy ‘Oil of Goulet’, Lauren, and Layla (their wicked cool Terrier) across the street from Kits beach. Lauren makes a wicked cool pre-race pasta, chicken, mushroom dish, to die for! Lots of sleeping, 2 hr ride in the rain (5th outdoor ride of the year done) lots of sleep.

Saturday Spring Series: Weather looks to be holding, Atomic course, not looking forward to the suffering… First 2 laps, wish I was at home with an icecream sandwich and Grey’s Anatomy on the TV. Suffering some more… Seb is on fire and making me hurt… along with the rest of the peloton. Met the new guys to the team in the morning, all seem wicked cool, gonna be a good year! Seb solos away with 2 laps out, my legs get the best of me and I finish a ways down, Cam looking fresh when I left him, sprinted for 3rd from the group for a 1-4 in the first race I’ve done this year. More race miles to do tomorrow…

Sunday: Hung in the group trying to do as little work as possible. Aldergrove short loop is the days battle ground. 2 kicker climbs, my kind of course. Fast, lots of motorpacing, suffering on wheels, feel much better than yesterday, starting to come around. Get back, eat, stretch, pack, drive to Sebs, Pack more, Hit road for 22 hr drive from VAN – Redlands, CA. No rests, other than to pee and eat and fuel. Interesting sleeping conditions, never thought it would actually be comfortable… Now in Redlands, in need of sleep. Pasta Yum, thanks Host family!

Host family has 3 boys, Grades 4-9 high energy, lots of fun, little marine, swimmer, X-box fiends… Hilarious, do we have Walmart up there? How about Hockey?

I need sleep…


Training Logs

Posted: 14 March 2011 in Uncategorized

Just burnt through another Blue line note book of my training Logs! Gotta love the double workouts!  Good for more than just tired legs…