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Portland USGP Final Weekend

Posted: 8 December 2010 in Uncategorized
Oh Portland.  How I love you so…
So after a fairly slap happy weekend of racing in BC where I dealt with my first ever hitting of the wall in a cross race at the BC Provincials, I headed south to the ever cross friendly city of portland to complete my so far successful season on the cross bikes.
Day 1:  Lined up at the start third row and after many of the guys missed their call up and eventually squeezed their way through, I was jam packed in on the right side with no where to go but back.  The start went not so hot and after the first corner I was well back.  Took me a few laps to move my way into the top 20, but it was definitely my day!  I was loving it.  The mud was super peanut buttery and REALLY hard to maneauver through, but I was actually managing to move up every time we went through the muddy sections.  I was also able to bunnyhop the barriers every lap which in the long run was actually saving me a whole lot of energy.  Once I was hitting the paved sections I felt like I was on fire and rolling it pretty strong.  Until the second last lap when I hit the barriers and my shoe buckle popped off.  I ended up getting super tangled in the barriers and had to take it a bit chill on the last lap because I wasn’t fully secure in my shoes.  Luckily my Sidi’s are really secure and they worked quite well even without the major strap buckle…  Rolled it in for 14th on the day and a few more UCI points as it was a C1! 
Day 2:  Similar course, but WAY faster.  Almost all the muddy sections they reverted us around with the exception of the couple tricky wet corners near the pressure washers…  Had a bit of a better start today as people actually made their start call ups.  But still, it is quite hard to get a good start from the third row, and so again it was a day of having to chase.  I missed the first major group off the start so early on I was left to chase with a few other guys as the second chase group from the leaders.  I felt pretty good, but was going REALLY slow on the run up.  Considering I haven’t run since last winter, it kinda made sense…  In the end, my efforts from the first day were getting pretty big, so I started to tail off a bit and probably lost a few spots on the last lap.   But managed to give the photographers a good showing at the barriers for sure!
Time now for another wicked awesome off-season of about 2 weeks…  I think i’m going to hit the running trails with my pups Molly and Niko, and bust out the Skis a bit closer to Christmas time.  Should be a good go.  But for now, Dad’s Cookies, Ice cream and Chinese food are well warmed up in my belly!  Don’t tell my coach…
Signing out another year,