Ft. Collins USGP

Posted: 17 November 2010 in Uncategorized
So after focusing so much on Nationals and working a boat load right now, I managed to somehow forget to register for the USGP.  Found this out the morning I was supposed to fly out to the race.  Last minute I managed to beg the organizer to let me race and they did.  Luckily…  Only with one hitch (or a few I would find).  It will cost you 20 bucks extra a day, plus you have to start dead LAST!  Oh, really?  Bummer…
So I started last row, although did get my choice of side of the course…
Day 1:
Snow in the morning turned to mud by the afternoon, reminded me of the last time I was in Colorado…  It was going to be a rough day.  Luckily I had Bob help me out in the pits (thanks Bob!)  But I was ready for the challenge.  Off the start, I may have gotten by 10 guys off the bat, another 15 when there was a pile up just after the first turn.  Then managed to slowly work my way back up during the entire race.  It was cool to be able to see Kabush roll it so well on the front.  Much deserved win for him today as he is a God in Canadian Cycling and my Technical cycling hero.  Manged to work my way up to 18th today, but couldn’t manage any more.  Felt good after the race, but tomorrow would be a very different day…
Day 2:  Again started at the back, they were really punishing me this time around…  Got an ok start after not being able to clip in right away.  Worked my way up to about 30th, then I managed to get a flat tire along with a broken spoke.  Not sure what it was that I hit, but whatever it was was big.  Rolled to the pits after being passed by the same guys I just passed.  Proceeded to change a bike followed by a very soon after crash into the course marking tape.  Managed to get super muddy, and tangled in the tape.  As I said about DSJ in Toronto, decided to make out with the course tape.  By this point I was well back again, and the motivation to keep it rolling was almost entirely lost.  I did what I could to try and keep from being lapped, but it was a rough day out there and TJ was rolling Super strong, so the day ended early for me.  But better hopes for Portland…
Until Nextime… BC Cup Finals, and BC Provincials… Can I secure the Western Canadian Cyclocross Crown?  We’ll see…
Schooler out!

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