Provincials Trifecta

Posted: 25 October 2010 in Uncategorized
Over the weekend at ‘home’ I managed to pull in a third Provincial Champ jersey.  Devon was the site of this race at the Lions Den Campground.  This course was SUPER turny this year with lots of 180 degree turns, a few open drags and one significant uphill/downhill section that managed to break up things a whole bunch.  The course came complete with an Agitator… Don’t ask me what that is, because I don’t want anyone to ever repeat it.  I think the faster I went through this section, the dizzier I got.  It happened to have a few turns on super sketchy ground whether it was sand, gravel or rocky pavement, they managed to make it quite interesting.
Got off to a great start and put the hammer down for the first couple laps while not over doing it on the climb.  I managed to pull Bunnin away with me after a couple laps and he decided to put one lap down hard to try and drop me before I decided to go deep in the hurt box.  Next time up the hill I came flying by him and put almost 5-10 seconds into him on that one lap.  A feat I tried to repeat over the rest of the race, but still have yet to know how I was able to go so fast up that climb…
Then the hammer was thrown and along with cheers from the crowd as well as my parents, I brought it home for Provincial win #3.
Sunday’s course was in Gold Bar and was done by PedalHead Road Works.  Thanks to Guri for putting on the race and Mike Bidniak for designing a wicked awesome course.  This year it added a few new changes with a cool single track section through the trees which had some awesome fast corners in it, as well as some great sand riding sections which almost threw me into the water on a couple of the laps…  tried to drag a couple guys away with me on this one and managed to pull Cam away with me first and then Nick F. in the second half of the race.  I was hoping for a bit of a battle with him and that’s exactly what I got!
Made for a super fun weekend of racing at home, and a great prep for Nationals in Toronto in a couple weekends! 
Next up:  Nationals! Nov 6th.

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