Toronto UCI Weekend

Posted: 19 October 2010 in Uncategorized
Weekend, Smeekend. 
I can not say many bad things about this Toronto weekend.  It was a pretty sweet event, course, race, etc…  Total course revamp from previous years, only on the second day were some of the corners and sections of the course similar to previous Toronto races.  All in all, fun event.
Day 1:
Course was hilly, not like before, didn’t seem as hilly, but damn was there lots of short steep uphills in it.  Lots of powere sections up and over grassy hills, and lots of up and down on the side of hills, both short and long.  Cool manmade sandpit they had going, although they decided to rake it every lap, curling style.  Made for some interesting lines through the sand…
Got the whole shot today (or at least the semi-whole shot) Davide nipped me at the corner, but then took it WAY wide so I passed him again.  Set pace on the first lap to keep things calm, and Davide came around me just before the Sand pit.  I ended up fumbling a bit and the 3 seconds turned into 30 by the end of the race, he never looked back.  The rest of the race I was duking it out with the Junior Evan Mcneely, and Derrick SJ.  He had some good legs, but was distracted by the Caution tape that worked it’s way into his derailleur.  I tried to lay the hammer after that, but he came on strong to pass me with 2 to go. 
Day 2:  Course was much more open and faster than the firsts day.  Had a great start again before succoming to the wash out on the grass off-cambre corner on the first lap.  This bobble gave the lead group of 4 a chance to take off.  I ended up settling into doing the lions share of the chasing as there was lots of headwind sections this day and lots of time to sit on and get a good draft.  Oh well, workin hard for later I guess…  Tried to scurry up a 5th to get the pick taken again, but Batty had the better legs in the end.  Noiler came around with half lap to go and I was rummaging around for any last bits of gas vapour still left.  Sprinted it out to 7th in the end…  All from a short fumble…  but looking good for Nats in 3 weeks!  YAY
Good job to fellow Norco rider Andrew Watson for pulling off a stellar 3rd place today!
Out for now.

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