Krosstoberfest San Dimas

Posted: 4 October 2010 in Uncategorized
Late in the summer when I was trying to organize my cross schedule, I thought i’d hit as many of the big races as possible with one weekend of racing at a lower level UCI race to try and make sure I got some points in the bag before Nationals…  Well, I think a few other guys had the same Idea…  This weekend drew out some of the strongest guys in the States, and even out of the States!
Krosstoberfest Day 1:
Today was super hot out.  I’m pretty sure it was over 30 Degrees today as a high, and we basically raced at the hottest time of the day.  I don’t know why, but I decided to try out the skinsuit today, and yes, that was a bad choice.  Also, the course was VERY interesting.  reminded me of Alberta Provincials 2007 if anyone can recall.  Basically a bone dry course other than the one mud pit that they just had to send us through.  And Shit, this was a mud pit.  For 10m’s it was full on Portland style mud.  Then they ran us through a sanddy section, just to make sure the mud stayed and was caked on the bike and the body.  It was interesting, very bumpy, and some sections felt like 2 foot high grass.  Maybe it was just because of the heat…
Race time:  They skipped my call up so I begged and pleaded to be placed on the second line.  Got a good start and rolled in the top 10 for most of the race.  Held on to the lead group for the first while until the heat ultimately played it’s role and I just felt like poo.  Rolled my tubular 3 times today, should have stopped to change it, but I thought i’d be able to roll it in… apparently not.  I did everything I could to hold on to 10th spot to secure my first bit of points for this season but succumed to a charging fast Alex Candelario.  11th today.
Day 2:
I love this course.  Super fast, still a bit bumpy, but suits me WAY better than the day before.  Lots of quick exchanges and lots of flying fast sections.  Keeps the rythm up and there were lots of very fast sketchy corners.  A few times I was headed into the fencing so I threw a quick leg out and magically saved it everytime.  Damn I love the ugly bike racing…
This time my start wasn’t that good.  Again, second row call up, (only because the Commissaire was doing me a ‘favour’) then ended up with good position going into the first few turns, and it strung out single file a whole lot!  Through the tight chicanes, and I fumbled bad, hit a guy who took the corner weird and fell over.  This is bad on the first lap.  I got up right away and after running the rest of the chicane, I finally got on the bike, only to be stuck in a traffic jam.  No where to pass, I kept my cool.  Finally after almost a whole lap I could start passing guys on the road section again.  On the second for third lap I was rolling behind Molly and Craig Richey and Craig took a corner wide and bailed HARD taking Molly down with him.  Luckily I managed to avoid it but not without chopping up my finger on a spoke I think.  It Basically took me about 4 laps to catch back up to the lead group (who by this time was soft pedalling the road section as it was directly into the head wind.  So I said why not!  I took a break for it and tried to see if I could put down a hot lap leading it out.  Managed to do nothing but keep the group together, then the next time through the start finish Chris Jones and Danny Summerhill rolled through strong and I started letting gaps go.  They were cranking it up pretty strong, so I just kept it doeable.  Rolled like that for the next lap while more guys from the lead group came around me.  Soon I was 6th chasing back hard.  I caught Zack Macdonald, who was looking a bit spent from the earlier moves and I did what I could to try and drop him and catch back up to the guys just in front of us.  No dice.  Zack nipped me before the last corner and held on for 5th.  Bummer, but a good result non the less.  This time I felt like I was racing!
Pre-race note:  I tried to bunny hop the barriers in the pre-ride as some guys were doing it and they looked good doing so.  Me on the other hand, looked like a complete rookie!  Crashed hard, busted a carbon spoke in th process.  Luckily I didn’t notice it until after the race.  Did you know they put a kevlar strand through the carbon spokes on the RSYS wheels now?  It looks cool anyways…  haha
UCI points attained.  Time to head home and relax!
Schooler out!

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