Cross Season 2010 Kickoff!

Posted: 30 September 2010 in Uncategorized
Cross:  Oh I love cross, especially the whole thing about the rain and crappy weather.
I decided to kick off the season this year with a cross clinic and race in Vancouver.  As this is where the team is predominantly based out of, and also because the team (H&R BLOCK) was sponsoring a BC Cup race, so I had to go out and win it, or at least try my best to.  The clinic went well although not many people attended.  I will have to market it a bit better come next year…  The race on the other hand, was quite well attended for it being so early in September, and before the end of the road season even!  The course was interesting for sure.  Many thanks go out to the guy who gave up his farm for us to tear it up and race some good cross for sure!  The course consisted of a big open flat section on gravel roads (probably half the course) with 2 corners, then it went into the woods with a few sections of choppy ground, followed by barriers followed by more choppy ground.  It then went into the single track.  With a tricky super high log across the trail, some of whom were able to ride and some of whom weren’t (ME).  After this is climbed up a leg busting hill and then into a pretty knarly single track descent which then shot you out onto the gravel road for a finish.  I’m not complaining about it at all because that’s the cool thing about cross, you get all kinds of courses.  But this one was a MTBers course, and i’m not that great of a MTBer.  Maybe if I practiced a bit more, but honestly, who am I kidding!  Swept up third which wasn’t bad considering the core of the BC strong guys were out!
Starcrossed is still to this day one of my favourite courses.  It’s always wet!  First day was fun until I crashed (a few different times).  It seemed like I was always chasing back the same guys.  It took me a while to settle into a groove after the crashes, and one of them was a big one that gave me a massive charlie Horse on my quad.  I think it took me about 1 lap to be able to hammer after that.  Oh well, on to some more muddy racing.  I’m glad I had a mechanic that weekend because holy ballz did the bikes take a beating.  After the first day my shifters weren’t working and my pully wheels were seized right up.  My BB’s even took a pounding, which isn’t a surprise considering they were half made out of yogurt containers…  Long story, thanks Robin! 
But, the second day I actually felt like I was racing.  Had a good start, had fun in the mud, and finished ahead of some euro’s, satisfaction guaranteed!
Vegas:  This is the big show!
Not only is it Interbike, but the attendance that Vegas saw this year was one in a million.  I am liking how there are more and more Euro’s coming over to this side of the pond.  I know they kindof have to to prep for Worlds in 2013, but it’s finally good to see. 
Race Time.  It was hot, and I got to feed for the first time in a cross Race.  The course was actually quite fun and fast.  I hung in there for the first few laps with the lead group, until I ended up coming off the group.  I chased with Van Nuffel for a while, then crashed bad into a grass corner.  Bars turned sideways and the chain popped off, which sucked.  I tried to fix it, then got back on my steed and chased hard to get back to the first chase group.  Rolled with them for the rest of the race until my wad was spent, and I was at the back of the group with 1 to go.  One of the Huds Subaru guys spun out in front of me and I t-boned bit.  Hope he is ok, because he was moving slow after that.  I rammed it home for 27th spot. 
Oh ya, the baby.  There was a baby holding money and cheering for us.  I only saw it from the corner of my eye while trying to mount my bicycle, but it honestly looked like a real baby, so I did the double take, noticed it was a fake baby holding money, laughed, then finished the race.  Little did I know it was non other than Kyle Marcotte.  Awesome Canadians cheering proud.  Thanks to all those who were cheering for me!  I heard my name lots in that race 🙂

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