Road, Travel, and more Road

Posted: 6 July 2010 in Uncategorized
My road season has kicked off to a pretty good start this year.  Manged to throw down a great Time trial in Velocity to finally finish a good GC for 3rd on the weekend.  After a few more trips down south and some working for the team and getting in the break on the queen stage in Walla Walla, it was finally down to the Island for the first stint of big racing in May/June.  Starting off with BC Provincials is Sooke, I was able to get myself into the lead break everytime they would split, before eventually getting popped from the group about 20 km’s from the line.  Had a nasty crash in Bastion square to loose some skin and get my first set of stitches from a bike related crash.  Got some good on the bike footage for the sponsors though…  Finally it was off to Mt. Hood to do my first ride in that stage race and I was definitely looking forward to doing some more suffering as the lay of the course was to my liking!
Prologue: Rainy as shit, managed pretty well considering I was the first from the team off.  Tried most of it in the aero bars, but soon realized the sloppy corners were much faster out of the bars than in. 
Stage 1:  Suffered like a dog on this one and always fighting for spots, finished in the group but WAY down.
Stage 2:  This one was apparently almost 180km’s with 2 KOM’s per lap, but it went by so quick it didn’t seem like that long.  Managed to get in the race winning break again, only to succum to the high paced climbing of my break mates.  Finished almost 30 min down.
Stage 3:  30 km TT, Gave it everything and there was LOTS of climbing, suffered even more, and finished 4 min down.
Stage 4:  Queen Stage with LOTS of climbing and LOTS of descending.  Garrett got a MASSIVE branch stuck in his bike so I stayed back and tried to help him get back onto the group who was going almost 80km’s an hour.  Lasted a bit longer, but blew sky high half way through the last major climb.
Stage 5:  This crit spelt me all over it, wet roads, lots of fast corners, and a 180 Deg. corner followed by a kicker of a climb before another turn 100m before the finish.  Started half way back (major mistake) and by the time I got to the front, break had left already.  Gave a dig to get up there, no dice.  Sit in suffer, and finally came around near the end.  Justing gave it one massive dig to set me up for a sprint in the end, managed to come 2nd in the field sprint for 8th on the day.
Finally home for a bit, more riding, more rain.  Banff Bike Fest went well, managed 4th in the prologue, although popped in the 1A sprint as work needed to be done to defend the yellow for JK.  No dice.  Lapped the field in the crit with PTich. for my first mass start win in Cat 1/2.  Glorious day with the team.
Nationals went well at home, course was stellar.  Sat around following wheels till the big guns got it within 1 min to the break, then took off with Nick H and made the bridge.  Tried to set up Mike for whatever we could salvage, managed 25th.  Got lots of cheers.
Decided last minute to try out Yaletown, and sure darn glad I did.  Race was hard, Svein had the motor turned on, and almost double lapped the field.  Phenomenal.  Tried to throw down a last lap solo, but caught with half a lap to go.  JK setting up on the United train, crashed hard to loose some ass skin in the last corner.  Had to decide: Roll over his head, or hit the Bails, I’m still picking straw out of my levers. 
Finally at home, for rest? No, 90 km tt with Triathletes to get a flat tire and still post a 2:15.  I’m sore now.  Time for Trip 2 of the summer; Superweek and Cascade Classics.  More time for suffering!
AZ out!

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