The Off Season

Posted: 14 December 2009 in Uncategorized
So…    I managed to get sick after Provincials, and had to take some more time off the bike.  After this point, I decided to call it a season for 2009.  And quite a successful season at that.  I finally made the podium at Nationals, and got some great top 10 results at big races in the states along with a top 20 overall in the NACT series (after missing 2 of the weekends).  I have to thank my sponsors from Calgary (Scott and Allen- who are now my biggest fans), and especially Rob Pryor for helping me out through the season, meeting my sponsors, and allowing me to focus on what’s important: Riding my bike!
Now it’s time to switch a bit of focus to the ski’s, running, and more off season base fitness, which unfortunately with this weather (-40) it means a whole lot of movies and roller riding in the basement!  This is the first year since starting racing that I haven’t gone to Europe to race cross, so it’s taking me a while to sort out what to do next.  From testing to work, i’m keeping myself pretty busy though, and after reading about Jason McCartney’s off season training on the Ski’s ( to prep him for the Amgen TdC, I think i’ll be good to go! 
From now on in, it’s miles, miles and more miles!  Oh ya, and just a few training camps 🙂
Thanks again to all my sponsors including H&R Block, Kona Bikes, OGC, and of course, my financial sponsors (Scott, Allen, and Rob!)
Next up: Spring Series and training camp in Feb/March?

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