Provincials Number Douce

Posted: 9 November 2009 in Uncategorized
I headed on down to the Provincial Championships on Saturday in hopes of repeating as ‘the champ’ (i’m sure that’s stolen from Tim) one more year.  Unfortunately due to some bizzar weather, and some super tough racing the weekend before, my knees were acting up which resulted in some time off the bike before the weekend.  Even though it was SUPER nice weather, I managed to stay indoors, and not stress them too much.  I decided to hit up a massage after my ride on Saturday though, and even though it hurt, it made me think about not my knees.  Plus plus, i’d say.  Anyways, after a late night drive to Mark MacDonalds place, I hit the sack.
Alberta Provincial Championships 2009
The course this year was held at the School grounds just off of the Number one highway and Bowness road in Calgary.  In previous years, it was a fairly tricky course with one of the sections contracted out the design from Keith Bailey to Shaun Bunnin.  One of my main competitors.  And it used to suit him VERY well.  Trickey 180 deg. turns on steep grass, and many of them.  This year there was lots of off cambre corners, but nothing that tight.  I love this course because it is very technical with lots of sections on the course that make up many cross courses.  Lots of off cambre corners (some at speed, and some with little speed), all the rideable hills are less than 5-10 m in vertical change, and typically held in a section where it is a fine line between riding it and running it for the big guns, lots of turns, and MANY changes in ground composition (gravel, grass, pavement, stairs).  It was a very cool course, and thanks to Keith for putting together another VERY cool course.  Just imagine what it would have been like if it were muddy!  Keith made the comment, then people chuckled.
Breakdown:  The start was good, Ryan managed the whole shot and I squeeked my way into second.  After myslelf and Ryan trading off the pace making for about 4 laps, I decided to try some more pace making and wasn’t really worried about who was behind me.  I hit a 180 deg. turn and got a bit of a gap.  I kept the pressure down, and Ryan started to fade.  Shaun bridged quickly, and we had ourselves a race.  Worried?  a little bit, Bunnin is good at technical, and this is his kind of course, on top of the fact that he can usually push it into the red quite well.  Bunnin passed me shortly after and decided to lay it down, Fortunately for me, he literally layed it down in one of the next corners.  This brings to note: Take a look at your lines when your pre-riding it, and practice everything that you didn’t do well, sometimes more than once, or until you get it right.  In this case, also imagine what would other people do if you were battling it out with them.  Shaun took it wide, I took it tight, and I was clear sailing when he bailed.  This was the decisive move in the race, and the time gap only got bigger from then on.  Keep it cool, sometimes give up a spot if you think there is a possibily of crashing. 
Signing out:   Next race, NJ Mercer USGP’s!

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